Can Dogs Eat Prunes?

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Your pooch has got access to prunes. Now you are thinking, can dogs eat prunes? Are they beneficial for them? What if your dog eats them and gets sick? Should you allow your furry friend to munch on them, or should you think of ways to get the prunes back from dogs?

First Of All, What Are Prunes?

Prunes are dried plums. Like all dried fruits, they are rich in sugars too. They also contain several other nutrients like riboflavin, vitamin A, C, K, phosphorus, folate, and iron.

The fat content of prunes is low. Moreover, they are rich in fiber and antioxidants. For humans, they are an excellent snack. What about dogs? Can dogs eat prunes?


Well! “Can dogs eat prunes?” is a question all dog owners want the answer to. The answer is yes. Dogs can eat prunes but only in small amounts.

You can give prunes to your puppy as an occasional treat only. They are rich in sugar and fiber. If consumed in large amounts, prunes can make your dog sick.

Why Are Prunes Bad For Dogs?

Can dogs eat prunes? As already mentioned, prunes are dried plums. The sugar content in them is more than the undried fruits. If your puppy eats them excessively, it will gain weight and become obese. Moreover, high sugar intake causes many oral infections and has detrimental effects on dogs’ teeth.

Apart from it, dogs cannot digest the fibers prunes contain. It causes digestive issues like diarrhea and vomiting. Most people give prunes to dogs as a treatment for constipation. Steamed and mashed pumpkin is a much better and healthier alternative for treating dogs’ constipation.

Some dried plums contain pits which are the real danger. The prune pits contain cyanide which is a toxin. If your puppy ingests the pits, it can die due to cyanide poisoning. Pits are also a choking hazard for dogs. All these reasons make prunes a bad choice for pups.

What is the safe amount of prunes for dogs?

Well! As an occasional treat, prunes are okay for a dog’s health. They do not cause any harm to them. What matters is the amount. The amount of prunes depends upon the weight of your dog.

If it is 50lb, then two tablespoons are enough; if your pup weighs 20 lb, give it only one tablespoon of prunes. Don’t exceed this limit!

Remember, if introducing prunes to your dog for the first time, don’t give the exact amount. Start from small amounts.

If your puppy has no side effects, gradually increase the amount. If you notice undesirable effects at any point, immediately stop feeding your pet prunes.

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How to serve prunes to canines?

Here’s how to serve prunes in the best way to your canine.

  1. Wash the prune well so that it is clean from dust.
  2. Remove the pit first.
  3. Now, cut the pitted prune into small bite-sized pieces.
  4. Serve the pieces to your puppy.

Take a start from a small amount. If your furry friend has no adverse effects, increase the dose slowly.

What to do if your pup accidentally ate pitted prunes?

If your pet dog has eaten prune, you don’t need to panic. Just wait some time and notice your canine for symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. If it doesn’t show any symptoms even after 12 hours of ingestion, it means your naughty puppy is okay.

If your canine is showing symptoms of prunes indigestion, and with time they are getting severe, it means you need an appointment with a vet. Don’t wait much. Take your dog immediately to the nearest vet.


Is prune juice safe for dogs?

Juices of any fruit, including prune, are not safe for dogs. They contain fructose which is a type of sugar. A single lick does not cause any harm, but excess of it has detrimental effects. It makes your canine obese and diabetic. So it is better to avoid juices in dogs’ regular diet.


Can dogs eat prunes of all types?

The answer is yes. Dogs can have them in small amounts. Like the traditional prunes, they are rich in sugar, which is bad for dogs. Humans are enriched with nutrients, but dogs have different nutritional requirements.

Prunes do not meet those requirements at all. Therefore, a good choice is other healthy alternatives like mashed pumpkins, dried apricots, steamed carrots, etc.

Final thoughts

Can dogs eat prunes? The answer is yes but in small amounts. Since prunes are rich in sugar, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and many other digestive issues can occur if your canine ingests it excessively.

Therefore, the first test of prune tolerance in your pet is by giving small amounts. If it suits your canine, increase the dose gradually.

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