Can Dogs Eat Potato Skins?

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Can dogs eat potato skins? Potato is a nutritious vegetable consumed in our household and cooked by mixing with other vegetables or chicken. We also prepare fries by peeling off potatoes or keeping their skin intact, but what about your dog consuming potato skin? The question is, can dogs eat potato skins?

Besides consuming meat that provides proteins to your canine buddy, dogs can eat vegetables and some fruits. These can also give beneficial nutrients to your furry friend helping its growth. Your dog can eat potatoes, but potato skin may contain toxins, so are potato skins safe for your dog?

Can dogs eat potato skins? No, potato skins are not okay for consumption as they contain toxic compounds known as solanine and oxalates. They can lead to potato poisoning and kidney failure in your dog. Also, your dog may experience diarrhea and other digestive complications.


Health benefits of feeding potato skins?

Can dogs eat potato skins? What are the health benefits of feeding potato skins to your dog? People are always looking for the best diet for their furry friends to keep them healthy because health is the most important part of your pet’s life.

Most owners rely on a protein diet, be it a commercially produced diet or homemade, but you can also provide vegetables and fruits in a limited amount to your dog. Potatoes are a healthy diet for your furry friend due to their nutrient content, but potato skins are toxic.

Hence potato skins do not provide any benefit to your dog. However, some people feed potato skins in small quantities but in cooked form. Raw potato skins are dangerous for your pup’s health as they contain more toxins. If you still want to feed potato skin, it should be given with the whole potato rather than skin alone.

Fiber is the beneficial nutrient in potato skin that can regulate your dog’s digestion, but we recommend you avoid feeding potato skin to your dog. Its disadvantages exceed the number of advantages it delivers, so it is better to peel off potatoes before feeding.

Risks of feeding potato skins to your dog?

Dogs may eat everything put in their front because they do not know what good or bad food is for them. It is the owner’s responsibility to check whether a diet is suitable for your furry friend or not.

Some dogs can eat potato skins in a cooked form, but we discourage you from feeding this to your pets. The potential risks associated with providing potato skins are the poisonous chemicals that make your dog unwell.

The raw potato is particularly dangerous as it contains solanine and oxalates toxic for your furry buddy. They can cause muscle weakness and increased heart rate and may prove deadly.

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Oxalates are dangerous as they may affect your furry friend’s renal system, and their overdose can lead to digestive disorders such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Also, your puppy may show increased saliva production inside the oral cavity. In a severe case, your dog’s kidneys are severely affected and undergo seizures.

What if my dog eats potato skin?

As discussed earlier, potato skin is not safe for your canine fellow, so it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your puppy. If you have grown potatoes in your backyard, you should fence them properly to keep them out of your dog’s reach.

If your dog still manages to cross the fence and eats raw potatoes with its skin or the potato skins you threw away after peeling off potatoes, you need not panic.

Check for any adverse reactions and call your veterinarian immediately. In case of poisoning, vomiting is induced to remove the toxins, and fluid therapy is required.

Are potato skins bad for dogs to eat?

Potato skin contains harmful chemical such as solanine that may cause stomach upset and disturbs nerve functioning. Oxalates are also present in potato skin that may hurt your pup’s kidneys and digestive system.

Solanine poisoning may affect your dog’s nervous and digestive system and damage the cell membranes, resulting in lethargy and lack of appetite. Some puppies suffer from cardiac issues and difficulty breathing.

Also, fever and tremors are other common symptoms of solanine poisoning. This chemical mainly occurs in raw potato skin, so the best way is to refrain from feeding it to your furry friend.


Are potato skins safe for dogs?

Can dogs eat potato skins? Potato skins are unsafe for your canine friend as they contain toxins that are dangerous for your dog’s overall health. Raw potato skin is more lethal than cooked one. But it is better to avoid both of them.

Conclusion – Can dogs eat potato skins?

So, can dogs eat potato skins? Potato skins should not be given to your dog as it may hurt their kidneys and digestive system affecting their growth.

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