Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn
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Yes, dogs can eat popcorn. The best would be plain popcorn, but even buttered or salted popcorn is okay, however, in small quantities only. In the same way that most of us enjoy a snack in the evenings, while we relax, or when we sit down to watch a movie, the same can be true for our pets.

Whether your dog is a habitual beggar or you just enjoy offering up a bit of the food you are eating, it’s important to remember that not everything we eat is good for our pets. 

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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

If you enjoy a bowl of freshly popped corn for a snack, you might wonder if your dog can have a bit of it, too. Popcorn is so light it seems like it couldn’t hurt, and the truth is it can be okay to give your dog a handful or two.

While it’s not the ideal snack for your dog, it will not hurt him.

Can I Share My Popcorn with My Dog

If you do decide to share, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before dishing up your pet. When you are preparing your corn, it is best to give your dog his portion before preparing to your own specific taste, especially if you enjoy adding salt or any of the flavoring or seasonings that we humans add to add even more flavor to the finished product. Even the standard addition of butter and salt can add unnecessary drawbacks to an otherwise acceptable treat.

Nutrition of popcorn

As far as nutrition, popcorn probably offers more for us than it does for our canines. However, the good news is that it is not loaded with empty calories that can be harmful, especially if your pet is overweight. Caramel corn and kettle corn, with their added sugars, should be avoided as they add even more sweetness and calories.

Popcorn is high in fiber that can actually aid in your dog’s digestion. It is a whole grain and contains B vitamins and some other minerals as well. Popcorn offers things like iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc that can be beneficial to your pet’s coat and skin.

Plain corn that is air-popped without oil is ideal for serving a tasty snack to your pet.

dog wants some popcorn

Is PopCorn Safe For Dogs?

Of course, we all love popcorn. There are probably better treats for both you and your pet, but nothing really beats the smell of a batch of corn popping on the stove or the taste of a good handful of freshly popped corn.

Can dogs eat popcorn? Yes, they can enjoy a little of the tasty treat right along with you.

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