Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Can Dogs Eat Plums
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No, dogs are not meant to eat plums as the pits are dangerous for dogs. When questioning if dogs can eat plums, the answer is no. Professionals responsible for the care of animals caution caretakers not to feed plums to their canines.

If the pet owner decides this is an acceptable food item, they should be cautious of plum pits and overripe fruit. Dogs should only eat the skin and meat of plum, as they could be deemed acceptable.

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Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Why are Plums Unacceptable to Feed My Dog?

Dr. Susan Konecny, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), advises pet owners not to feed plums to their canines. Dr. Konecny explains that although small amounts of ingested flesh from the plum are not harmful, making this fruit accessible to your pet can prove dangerous.

The flesh of the plum contains a high level of sugar that invites diabetes and heart disease if offered and not monitored. This is one of the many valid reasons dogs should not eat plums. The cause of harm to your dog is high considering the various ways an ingested plum can prove physically dangerous.

If desired, moderate amounts of this fruit are acceptable to offer your pet. Paying close attention to preparation is necessary. Monitor your pet for signs that this fruit has not been served appropriately.

3 Reasons Not to Feed Your Dog Plums:

  • Cyanide – this toxin is naturally found in plum pits.
  • Pitted Plums – remove the pit from the plum if you choose to feed this to your dog.
  • Overripe Plums – overripe, fermented, or moldy plums can cause illness to your dog.

3 Physical Afflictions to be Aware of:

  • Digestion – eating mold or the pit of a plum may cause digestion issues.
  • Choking – your dog may choke from attempting to eat the pit of a plum,
  • Intestinal Damage – swallowing the pit of plum can cause internal damage to your dog.

Can dogs eat plums? Is a valid question for those seeking to incorporate fruit into their canine’s diet. Fruits offer canines another source of vitamins vital to their development. However, a level of responsibility is necessary if plums are that option.

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Do not feed your dog plums.

If you suspect your dog of ingesting a plum, first check the undigested parts of the plum. You will be looking for signs that the pit is still intact or whether the plum was fermented or moldy. If so, immediately contact your veterinarian for assistance.

As an owner, if you would like your canine to know the sweet taste of plum, there are healthy options available that carry the taste of this desired fruit without the pitfalls of danger an actual plum may cause your dog. Ask your veterinarian.

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