Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

can dogs eat pizza
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It would be best if you did not let your dog eat any pizza, no matter how much they beg. Most pizza has onion and garlic in it. So, they can be toxic for your dog.

Both onions and garlic can damage a dog’s red blood cells. That’s not the only reason you should keep pizza away from them, though.

Is Pizza Good/Bad for My Dog?

In general, pizza is not something you should be giving to your pets. Typically, it has a ton of salt, sugar, and spices. These ingredients aren’t too bad for us humans, but it’s a different story with pets.

Pizza is usually composed of at least 3 different parts: crust, sauce and toppings.

can dogs eat pizza?

The crust is loaded with oil, carbs, sugar and various spices. Technically, most of this isn’t toxic to your dog. But, it’s not good for them to eat too many sugars. Overconsumption of sugar can lead to all kinds of health problems later on down the road.

Of all the ingredients, pizza sauces have the most risk for your dog. Most sauces use onion and garlic as part of the base. As such, they’re toxic to your dog’s red blood cells. If they ate too much of it, anemia might become a problem.

As far as toppings go, it really depends on which ones you’ve put on the pizza. Some toppings are totally fine to give to a dog, so feel free. But, not all pizza toppings are harmless to them. You’ll have to verify which toppings are covering the pizza to see if it’s pet-friendly.

Can I Share Pizza With My Dog?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t share a pizza with your dog. So, if someone asks can dogs eat pizza, then you can tell them no. That’s because most pizzas have toxic ingredients, so they’re harmful to dogs.

However, depending on the toppings, you might be able to give them a small snack. Dogs can eat most types of cheese without having any problems. But you don’t want to try giving blue cheese to them, as it’s toxic.

Avoid giving them any dough if you’re making a pizza at home. Pizza dough has a ton of yeast, which causes it to rise once in the oven. Because of its high yeast concentrations, dogs must not eat any. Otherwise, it would begin expanding their stomachs, building pressure and causing pain.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Pizza?

Hopefully, your dog hasn’t gotten a hold of an entire box of freshly-baked pizza. But, if they have, they’ll still be fine more than likely. The only major worry will be if they’ve eaten uncooked pizza dough.

Since it has a ton of yeast, it can be dangerous for dogs to eat. Expanding yeast can actually constrict the blood flow to your dog’s organs. So, if they’ve eaten any, get them to a vet ASAP.

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Can My Dog Eat Pepperoni?

If you’re like us, then pepperoni is your favorite topping. Please don’t give any of it to your dogs, though. Pepperoni is full of nitrates and processed chemicals, making it difficult to digest.

To give them a snack, try choosing baked chicken topping next time you’re ordering pizza. It doesn’t have as many chemicals in it, so it’s safe to give to your dog.

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