Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust?

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Can dogs eat pizza crust? You tucked in a separate place to avoid your dog’s puppy eye look and were binging on a pizza. You left with the last bite of pizza crust and your pooch pop-out.

You got the victim of that furry and now wondering should I offer this pizza crust piece to my dog? Is it safe for dogs? Can dogs eat pizza crust? Then the answer to all your doubts is yes; you can give your dog a small piece of the pizza crust but not so often.


What is a pizza crust made of?

A pizza crust is the bread base on which toppings of vegetables, meat, and cheese are placed. It is made of simple ingredients, i.e., flour, water, salt, yeast, and some oils. All these ingredients mix up to form a dough. The dough is then baked to make the pizza crust.

What is the nutritional value of a pizza crust for a dog?

Can dogs eat pizza crust? What is the nutritional value of pizza crust? Speaking about the nutritional profile of the crust, it does not have any vitamins or minerals in it. But it is a good source of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It does not offer nutritional value to your dog, only well for munching occasionally.

 If a pizza crust is made of whole-grain flour rather than refined flour, it could be a good source of fibers. Dogs who love the pizza crust can be given a treat with some alteration in the recipe using the flours and healthy ingredients.

Why can dogs eat only pizza crust?

Though a large amount of the pizza crust is also not safe for your dog, it is the only part of the pizza that a dog can eat. The toppings and other sauces that are used in pizza, their little amount can be hazardous for your dog. Ingredients in pizza that are harmful to dogs are:

  • Pizza sauce- a mixture of canned tomatoes and vinegar not good for dogs
  • Onions and garlic- highly poisonous to canines
  • Cheese- is indigestible for some dogs; most dogs are lactose intolerant
  • Spices-  cause a burning sensation to their taste buds
  • Oil-  leads to gastric disorders

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Can pizza crust harm my dog?

Can dogs eat pizza crust? What are the health risks? No, a properly cooked pizza crust does not harm your dog. But if pizza crust dough is not properly cooked, it can harm your pet. Because dough contains yeast, the active yeast is exceptionally poisonous to dogs.

When dogs consume raw dough, yeast fermentation produces alcohol and gases. This can cause intoxication and bloat. Alcohol intoxication can cause seizures and eventually death.

Is pizza crust safe for my dog?

Yes, pizza crust is safe for your dog. However, you need to take some precautions while giving them a piece of pizza crust.

  • The pizza crust is dry stuff, so it can choke. Crumble it off and soften it, so it does not get stuck in the throat.
  • Remove the pizza sauce over it as it contains garlic and onions that are harmful to your dog.
  • Avoid spices or seasoning; spices are not good for a dog’s health.
  • Do not offer the whole slice of pizza crust; it harms your dog’s gut by causing bloating and can put your cat in discomfort.
  • The pizza crust is rich in carbohydrates; regular overconsumption can make it gain weight.
  • Avoid feeding pizza crust to puppies; their stomach cannot tolerate it.

How much pizza crust can a dog eat?

Pizza crust also contains salts, so only a small slice should be offered once a month. A high sodium level is not good for your dog and can disturb the electrolyte balance.

Even if it does not have a short-term drawback, eating too much pizza can contribute to health problems down the road. So the best way is to limit pizza crust intake to a very small amount once in a while. Try to make them eat their treats while you’re enjoying your take-out.


What happens if a dog eats too much pizza crust?

Too much consumption of the pizza crust can cause various health issues. It can develop digestive problems by causing an obstruction. Baking powder and yeast in pizza crust upset the gastrointestinal tract.

Flour in the pizza crust makes it rich in carbohydrates. A high amount of carbohydrates can cause fatty liver diseases in your dog.

Conclusion – Can dogs eat pizza crust?

The final verdicts on can dogs eat pizza? Yes, they can. Pizza crust can be irresistible to dogs. They enjoy eating the pizza crust due to the tempting smell of it. It is best to limit them to only a few bites of the pizza crust; if they get any toppings, they could end up quite ill.

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