Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?

can dogs eat pancakes
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Can dogs eat pancakes? Dogs can eat pancakes, but everyone needs to be aware, if you overfeed your dog pancakes, it can be harmful to them. Never give your pet pancakes if they have allergies or are lactose intolerant. Pancakes are high in fat and carbohydrates, which will cause indigestion.

Some Toppings On Pancakes For Dogs Are Safe

First, know which toppings on pancakes to never give to your dog. Never give your dog any leftover batter if you are making it from scratch, syrup of any kind, raisins, nuts, and chocolate chips. However, it is not harmful to give them a low amount of a small piece of banana, peanut butter, or blueberries on top for a rare occasion.

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Make Sure Dogs Eat Pancakes On A Rare Occasion

Giving your dog pancakes is harmful if you feed them too much because pancakes have a lot of fats and carbs, making them gain too much weight and bad indigestion.

Regardless of the occasion, please do not give them maple syrup, nuts, and butter. It is best to give your dog pancakes that are plain without any added sugar or fillings when you make it from scratch or store-bought from the frozen section.

Sugar is considered poison for dogs, so only giving them a plain pancake is good without anything on it.

If you feel that the only thing on a pancake is to give them maple syrup, do not be fooled that a bit of syrup is not bad for your pet. Sugar adds weight gain to your dog.

Dogs Can Eat Protein Pancakes – Here’s Why!

Yes, (still only in moderation) dogs can eat protein pancakes. It comes down to its ingredients. Protein Pancakes contain protein powder. While a few protein powders have a component called “xylitol,” they are harmful to your dog so never give them protein pancakes if it contains it.

If not, be sure to buy protein powder without it to be harmless for them on a rare occasion. Look for the brand “Kodiak cakes.” Kodiak cakes have a good amount of protein which is a good fuel booster for your dog. They will enjoy it every time.

can dogs eat pancakes
Pancakes, not a great food for dogs.

Keep Your Dog Healthy, Not Unhealthy

Can dogs eat pancakes? Even in moderation, the truth is no! Not just for humans, but your pet needs to stay as healthy as possible regarding eating habits. Pancakes are not healthy for anyone, especially dogs.

Giving your dog pancakes can eventually lead to them having health issues like:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Fast Heartbeats; and
  • Restlessness

Most dogs will lick their chops and chow down almost anything you give them. Please do not give them pancakes because that will only give them bad behavior that will become a bad habit.

Once you give them pancakes, they will beg for more. If you think you can give your dog one plain pancake, do it on a rare occasion without giving them a hint that more are coming each day. One treat for breakfast (rarely) is fine but stick with healthy dog foods. That will provide you with better peace of mind each day.

How many Pancakes can dogs eat?

How many pancakes can my dog eat? A small piece of pancake every other day shouldn’t be aproblem. However, it can often depend on how heavy your dog is and whether it suffers from food allergies.

Do you Know?

Pancakes are not an ideal food for your dog, we went over this now. But what about dates? Can Dogs Eat Dates?

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