Can Dogs Eat Limes?

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Can dogs eat limes? Lime is a citrus fruit. We, humans, enjoy its juice in our salads. Lemonade is the favorite drink of many and imparts many health benefits to humans, but can dogs eat limes? Are limes safe for canine consumption? 

Well! Not really. A single or two licks of lime will not cause any harm to your puppy. If your canine ingests the whole lime, including its peel and the flesh, it will cause trouble in your puppy’s stomach. The lime flesh is loaded with citric acid. Its peel contains psoralen, limonene, and linalool. All these cause lime toxicity in canines.

Keep limes away from your canines. They may misunderstand it with tennis balls and accidentally swallow them. Lime seeds can be a choking hazard for canines. Hence, dogs cannot eat limes.


Why Are Limes Bad For Canines?

Many dog owners wonder, can dogs eat limes? If not, why are they bad for dogs? Let’s have a detailed look at why limes are unsafe for dogs.

As mentioned above, three compounds make limes toxic for dogs. These are:

  1. Linalool

Linalool is found in lime peels. It gives them their characteristic scent. Both these lime essential oils are used in different items like soaps and lotions to give them a lemony fragrance.

  • Limonene

It is present in lime peel. Small amounts are also found in its flesh. It gives limes their characteristic smell. When it comes to puppies, both the compounds are potential toxins to them. They are the main cause of lime poisoning in dogs.

  • Psoralen

Psoralen is a phytotoxin present in lime and other citrus plants. If dogs come in contact with this phytotoxin, they experience skin irritation and rashes. Isn’t it better to prevent your dog from contacting lime or even lime trees?

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Symptoms Of Lime Poisoning

How would you know if your puppy has lime poisoning? What are its symptoms? Well! The symptoms may vary depending on how much lime your canine has eaten.

  • If your dog has consumed more than a tasting amount, it will have an upset stomach.
  • Excessive drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea are obvious symptoms of lime poisoning.
  • In severe cases, your puppy might lose muscle control and experience tremors, seizures, and unusual photosensitivity.
  • In rare cases, lime has even caused death. 

What To Do If Your Dog Accidentally Ate Lime?

Can dogs eat limes? Your pup saw a lime on the kitchen slab and misunderstood it with a tennis ball. While playing with it, your pup accidentally swallowed the lime. Now what? What will you do? How should you react?

Many dog owners start panicking when their dogs accidentally swallow limes. There is nothing to panic about. The first thing they need to do is keep themselves calm. 

Look for the symptoms of lime poisoning. Give your pup a bland diet like lean meat, boiled rice, mashed pumpkins, if they appear. It will help in minimizing the acidic effects of lime. As lime poisoning causes dehydration, give your canine fresh cold water to keep them hydrated.

Also, be in touch with your vet. You may need his help at any time. If the symptoms are severe, the vet will give your pup charcoal to induce vomiting. To overcome the effects of dehydration, the vet will also give your canine intravenous fluids. So be mentally prepared for these treatments. 

Can Dogs Eat Lime Pie?

Can dogs eat limes? A small amount might not hurt your pup. Still, dogs must not eat lime pie. It has several ingredients that are not healthy for dogs. It contains sugar which causes oral problems, diabetes, and obesity in canines.

Moreover, some pies have sweeteners like xylitol which is a toxin. The lime extracts in pies also have detrimental effects on pups. 


Can Dogs Eat Lime Ice cream?

In moderation, lime ice cream is not bad for dogs. But it is a sweet human food that is not good for canines. It contains a lot of sugar, artificial flavors, and sweeteners.

If consumed in excess, they can put your pup in trouble. So the answer to your question is yes, dogs can eat lime ice cream but only in small amounts. A much better option is to give your furry companion a healthy treat.

The Bottom Line – Can dogs eat limes?

Can dogs eat limes? Is it safe for them? The answer is no, not really. A lick will not affect your pup much. If your dog eats the whole along with its peel, it will cause lime poisoning in your canine. The most evident symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, and an upset stomach. So it is better to keep limes away from dogs.

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