Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Can Dogs Eat Honey
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When you have a precious dog companion or are watching one, we all want to be sure that what we feed them is good for them and not harm them. While we all think that our beloved dogs are sweet, can dogs eat honey? Will it be good or bad for them?

Special Area of Concern

Honey ranks high on the glycemic index. It can increase a dog’s blood sugar to levels of serious concern. If your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, the pet owner needs to be hesitant to give the dog honey. Honey is contraindicated for dogs with this disease.

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Why Eating Honey is Good for Dogs

There is overwhelming evidence that honey is good for dogs. It is safe and can benefit your dog. Especially noted are these benefits:

Allergy Relief – If your furry friend has persistent allergies, honey can help. Seasonal allergies are helped by the gradual introduction of a small amount of flower pollen found in honey. This ingredient can help your dog increase its immunity and fight off a negative reaction. It also helps with itchy, watery eyes in your dog.

Increase in Energy – The natural sugar in honey is easily digested by dogs. Sugar can give your dog a quick shot of energy. Two specific types of dogs can get a boost from honey. Older dogs can use honey to regain some of their vim and vigor, and dogs who are active and athletic can use it to increase their energy levels in a way that is healthy.

Stomach Issues – If your dog gets relatively minor stomach upsets or diarrhea, honey can help alleviate these concerns. It can also help with more serious issues like bacterial overgrowth, colitis, gastritis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Skin Irritation and Wounds – Honey can promote healing for minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and scratches. It can also be beneficial for bug bites and eczema. Honey that is not pasteurized has ingredients that can act as antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. They can help decrease the time it will take a dog to heal. Pet parents will have to cover the area to which honey is applied because, as you most surely know, your dog will lick it right up!

Can Dogs Eat Honey

Kennel Cough – We all know that a persistent cough is always annoying in humans. The same is true for the ailment of kennel cough. Can a dog eat honey for this? Yes, honey can be a great relief for this and other breathing ailments.

Other Benefits for Your Dog

Eating small amounts of honey can also benefit your dog in other ways. Honey is a ‘superfood’ that contains vitamins and antioxidants. These include:

  • Vitamin K helps wounds to heal and is necessary for blood to clot properly
  • Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and keeps bones, teeth and cartilage strong. It helps the growth and repair of tissue
  • Vitamin D is one that can be insufficient in your dog. It helps maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphate
  • Vitamin E helps dog’s cells healthy and safe from free radicals
  • Vitamin B is needed to help cells be healthy and grow correctly. It helps prevent infections and helps the brain function as it needs to. Vitamin B also increases energy in your dog.

So can dogs eat honey? Yes, in most cases except where your vet might find it bad for your particular furry friend.


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