Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

Can Dogs Eat French Fries
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Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than being able to share a treat with your best friend- and by a best friend, of course, I am talking about our dogs. However, we want to make sure our bundle of fur is safe and healthy, so you might find yourself wondering: is this ok for my dog to eat?

I found myself asking these questions recently when my fur buddy was looking very expectantly at my plate of french fries. So I went on an internet deep-dive to find out just that: can dogs eat french fries?

Can Dogs Eat French Fries

Are French Fries Bad for Dogs?

You do not want to make the salty treats a regular occurrence. According to Mike Clark, over at while a few french fries every once in a while will not be likely to hurt your dog, feeding them fries often can lead to a whole slew of nasty health problems.

Nutrition of French Fries

The fact that french fries are not good for dogs is not too much of a surprise, considering that fries are not exactly all that healthy for humans either. While potatoes themselves have several vitamins and minerals to them, the act of frying and heavily salting them to the point of becoming the delicious treats we know them to make them, quite literally, hard on the heart.

Also, it is essential to remember that french fries are carbohydrates that are notoriously tough on the canine digestive system. Overeating french fries can also lead to obesity.

Do you know about Pasta?

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What French Fries Can Do to Dogs

The main concern about the over-consumption of french fries is how the salt will affect the animal, especially when we’re talking about small dogs. Too much salt leads to things as scary as salt ion poisoning (, diabetes, and pancreatitis.

Also, while dogs may be able to handle fries in small and infrequent quantities, too many of the fries can heavily contribute to obesity, leading to many health problems for dogs, such as heart issues and arthritis.

How To Know If Your Dog Has Salt Poisoning

One of the main reasons that so many human foods are considered dangerous to dogs is the legitimate fear of salt poisoning. Canine bodies can handle much less salt than human bodies can, and while salt can eventually lead to issues with the human body, the effects of too much salt affect dogs much more quickly.

Here are some symptoms to look out for if you suspect your dog may have ingested too much salt: weakness, confusion, swelling, seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and respiratory distress. If you see one or more of these symptoms from your dog, it is essential to get them to a vet as soon as possible.

Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

Technically, yes, dogs can eat french fries, but this should be done with an abundance of caution. While pet owners do not need to necessarily worry about rushing their dogs to the vet if the dogs happen to ingest a fry or two, they are not something that should be a regular component of any dog’s diet.

Why French Fries Should Be Avoided

It can be tough saying no to our dogs, especially when they look up at us with those big eyes, looking longingly at whatever we happen to be eating. But for the sake and love of our pets, these salty treats are better avoided altogether. Salty treats, in particular, are hard on canines’ for a myriad of reasons, including water retention, pancreatitis, heart issues, obesity, and obesity-related issues (joint pain, arthritis, and mobility).

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