Can Dogs Eat Flax Seeds?

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Can dogs eat flax seeds? While making a flax seed hair mask, have you ever wondered if it will be effective for your dog’s fur too? No doubt that it is a superfood for humans. What about dogs? Can dogs eat flax seeds? Are flax seeds good for dogs’ health? Are there any risks of feeding dogs flax seeds? Stick to the blog and get your questions answered. 

Flax seeds are the seeds of the Linum usitatissimum plant, also known as the flax plant. They have a nut-like taste and are enriched with fiber, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids.

The hull of these seeds has anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of lignin. All these and several other nutrients impart mind-blowing health benefits to humans. But the question is, are they good for dogs? Can dogs eat flax seeds?


Can Dogs Eat Flax Seeds?

Well! The short answer is yes. Yes, Dogs can eat flax seeds. Like humans, flax seeds also impart many health benefits to canines. They relieve your pup from constipation, skin irritation, or itchiness and act as immune boosters. Hence, they are ideal for your pup’s health.

Benefits Of Flax Seeds

You use flax seeds in your daily routine for different purposes due to their nutritional value and the goodness they hold. Right? Do you know how beneficial they are for your canines? Here is all that you should know;

Ideal for your pup’s skin and coat

Does your dog have dry or flaky skin? Are you tired of using commercial products but with no results? This time try flax seeds, a natural remedy for dogs’ dry or flaky skin.

Flax seeds contain linoleic acid, which is a natural hydrant. It alleviates dryness and is good for flaky skin.

Apart from it, linoleic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also heals wounds and treats different seasonal allergies in dogs. Therefore, opt for flax seeds if your pup has skin or coat-related issues.

Good for the immune system

The flax seeds contain a lot of antioxidants, lignan being one. Antioxidants fight against the free radicals in your canine’s body and prevent oxidative damage.

In the same way, antioxidants also kill cancer cells. Hence, flax seeds maintain the long-term health of your pup.

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Aids In Digestion

Is your dog often constipated or has loose motion? Do you want a natural solution to this problem? So, here is it;

Flax seeds are the best remedy in both cases, i.e., constipation or loose motion. They contain many fibers that help digestion and maintain a smooth bowel movement. 

Effective Against Arthritis

Is your dog aged? Does he have a family history of immobility and joint inflammation? Here is the solution: THE FLAX SEEDS.

As already stated, flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids. They have anti-inflammatory properties. So, when you give flax seeds to your canine, they reduce the inflammation proving themselves effective against arthritis.

Improving your dog’s overall health

These tiny seeds contain many essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, manganese, choline, thiamine, and phosphorous. All these are good for bones, conduction of nerve impulses, nutrient absorption, etc. 

Thus, flax seeds are a perfect healthy treat for your canines. 

Can Dogs Eat Flax Seeds? –The Risks

Though flax seeds are not poisonous and your furry friend enjoys several health benefits, in excess, raw, or unprocessed forms,  they cause flax seed poisoning.

The symptoms associated with it include diarrhea, vomiting, increased heartbeat, and abnormal breath. In extreme cases, seizures have also been noticed in a few dogs. 

If your dog has accidentally ingested the seeds in large portions, observe for the symptoms of flax poisoning. If symptoms appear, take your pet immediately to a vet. He will induce vomiting or inject IV fluids to keep your canine hydrated.


How Much Flax Seeds Are Enough For Your Dog?

As a dog owner, you should know the right amount of food for your pet. No matter how healthy a food is, an overdose harms the pet’s health. In the case of flax seed, if your dog weighs less than 20 Ibs, 1 teaspoon is enough. If he is above 80 Ibs, do not feed him more than 2 tablespoons of flax seeds.  

For dogs having weights between 20-40 lbs, 40-60lbs, and 60-80 lbs, the recommended amount of flax seed is 2 teaspoons, 1 tablespoon, and 1 and a half tablespoons, respectively. Don’t exceed the limit.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat flax seeds? The answer is yes. Dogs can eat flaxseeds. They are rich in nutrients and impart many health benefits to canines. Feed your pets with only moderate amounts of the seeds, as excess can be bad. 

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