Can Dogs Eat Cilantro? Some Dogs Love It!

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro
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Have you ever thought to yourself can dogs eat cilantro? If so, then we have great news. Cilantro is a healthy snack for our furry friends, loaded with vitamins and minerals. As a result, it can actually be a healthy food for them to eat.

Most dogs won’t rush to eat a bundle of it from your hand, but you can get them to eat it on other food. If they haven’t had enough vitamins elsewhere, it can be a good nutrient source. It’s not hard to sprinkle a little on their dinner bowl while serving them.

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Is Cilantro Good or Bad for My Dog?

Cilantro can be a good dog snack if your dog is willing to eat it. Because of its taste, not all dogs will be ready to snatch it out of your hands. But, giving it to them in a treat could be a great way to add nutrients to their diet.

When we look at the nutrient composition of cilantro, it’s not surprising to hear how healthy it can be. There is a ton of vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc in each serving. Plus, there’s even enough potassium in cilantro to meet your dog’s needs.

Keep in mind cilantro is not suitable as a meal replacement for dogs. So, please don’t use it to remove other food from their diet. Only use cilantro as a topping or ingredient in other foods you serve them.

Can I Share Cilantro With My Dog?

If you have coriander, cilantro, or Mexican parsley, it’s from the same plant. As a herbaceous spice, cilantro has spread worldwide, delighting flavor enthusiasts everywhere.

Your dog may want to try a nibble after they’ve sniffed some on your street tacos. When they come up and try to nab some, it’s not an issue if they manage to take a bit. They’ll get quite a few nutrients and minerals that aren’t always easy for them to find.

Just make sure to give them something else to eat so they don’t starve. Although it’s nutrient-dense, cilantro holds very few calories. So, it’s not substantial enough to support a full-grown dog. Even puppies would struggle to maintain their weight if they were on a cilantro-only diet.

Did you Know?

Dogs like cilantro. We have learned that in this article. But do they like lemons and can dogs eat lemons?

What Happens If My Dog Eats Cilantro?

Has your dog recently devoured an entire bag of cilantro? That’s a more common thing than you’d think it would be.

If they have, there’s nothing to worry about. Dogs can eat as much cilantro as they want without having any health issues. But, it could be a little tough on their tummies, so watch out for accidents.

See if your dog is acting like they don’t feel well. If they seem sick, take them out for a bit. More than likely, they’ll use the bathroom and feel much better.

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Why Cilantro Can Be Good for Dogs

Dogs, just like humans, need certain nutrients to maintain their metabolism. If they don’t get enough of them, weight loss and other health problems usually follow.

You can dice up a bit of cilantro and toss it on top of their food when it’s dinner to add nutrients. As long as they eat everything in the dish, it’s an easy way to make sure they get plenty of vitamins.

We’ve also heard people use crushed cilantro while making homemade treats adding nutrients. Unless you’ve put tons of it in them, the dogs hardly seem to notice it’s there.

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