Can Dogs Eat Chips?

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Can dogs eat chips? Yes, but it’s not healthy for your dog. Remember that chips are junk food and are not fit for human health. So, why feed your dog unhealthy food? Sometimes, it’s advisable to examine what you are eating and ask yourself, “if I can’t eat chips, can dogs eat chips?”

If you want to learn more about whether your puppy can eat chips or not, read on.


Are Chips Good for Your Dog?

Can dogs eat chips? No. Your doggie shouldn’t consume chips due to their unhealthy nature. Even a small portion of chips can contribute plenty of unwanted fat, carbs, and salt to your pup. The dog will generally perform better without these undesirable additions.

However, chips are technically safe for your dog because they don’t have any harmful ingredients. Simply put, chips are portions of fried potatoes, only that they have extra fat and salt. But the fact that they are safe for your pooch doesn’t mean they are suitable for consumption.

Feeding your pooch a small portion of chips as an occasional treat won’t harm them, but it shouldn’t be frequent. As long as you have a healthy, adult dog, it would help if you didn’t mind giving it a sporadic serving of chips.

Humans aren’t meant to consume French fries regularly, and neither should your fur pet. Honestly, no amount of chips is suitable for your doggie. French fries add nothing more than carbs, salt, and fat, meaning they don’t add any nutritional value to your dog.

Although baked chips don’t have excessive salt, calories, and fat as the French fries, they are not any better and shouldn’t be eaten by your dog either.

Can Dogs Eat Chips Without Salt?

Can dogs eat chips? Yes. Unsalted chips are somehow safe because you don’t have to worry about the issues that accompany excessive salt consumption. Technically, your dog won’t experience sodium poisoning, high blood pressure, or dehydration. Nevertheless, these chips have unsafe oils and fat, dangerous for your canine.

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What are the Best Chips Servings for Your Dog?

Well, when it comes to giving your dog some chips, consider avoiding harmful seasonings and flavoring. Flavored and seasoned chips come with garlic and onion flavoring, which is unsafe for your doggie.

Although the amount of potato chips consumed is not fatal, excessive consumption leads to digestive problems, such as bloating, stomach pains, diarrhea, and vomiting. Usually, digestive issues can appear immediately or two to three days after the initial consumption.

Therefore, assessing your canine’s behavior and bowel movements is advisable. Consider seeking veterinary attention immediately if you are concerned about the dog’s wellbeing.

Also, you should avoid feeding your puppy with plenty of chips. As said earlier, chips are high in salt and fat. The general rule of thumb is to provide the dog with as little chips as possible as they need fewer calories than humans.

This study shows that sodium poisoning is chips’ most significant potential danger. Keep in mind that your dog can get sodium poisoning if it eats a family-sized bag of chips.

What to do when a Dog eats Excessive Chips?

If your dog consumes many chips, ensure your carry off the rest if it’s remaining. Also, monitor the dog closely to check whether it will develop any symptoms described above. Another consideration is to take the canine to an authorized veterinarian for further assessments.

Always ensure that the chips you are having for yourself are unreachable by your pet. The best thing is always to remember that anything unhealthy for you is also harmful to your doggie.


Are Chips Safe for Dogs?

Technically, chips are safe for your dogs because they don’t comprise any poisonous ingredients. Giving an insignificant portion to your pooch irregularly will not lead to any lasting damage. Nonetheless, it should not be occasional and should not feed it more than a tiny serving.

The truth is that your dog will not miss out on any nutrients it doesn’t eat chips. Also, no chips are beneficial for your dog over the long run. Remember that there are much healthier and safer foods that you can share with your pup.

You will find much healthier and more exciting meals for your dog in the market. Some foods offer a gratifying crunch and nutrients desired by most pooches. What’s more, these foods come with valuable nutrients and have insignificant levels of unnecessary sugar, salt, and fat.

If possible, giving your dog a nutritionally complete dog meal is recommended. These foods are designed to keep your canine full for extended periods and, in the process, limit them from begging for your chips.

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