Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

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Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? Well, if you are a dog owner, or your friend has asked you to take care of his/her dog, then I am sure you have asked yourself this question, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? Yes, they can but only in small amounts.

Cherry tomatoes are classified under nightshade types of vegetables; scientifically called Solanaceae. You shouldn’t feed your dog friend tomatoes due to the presence of toxic materials namely solanine and alpha tomatine. 

In most cases, for us humans, we have a bunch of different delicacies such as steak or chicken. As a result, we always tend to assume that whatever we eat is good for our pets.


Surprisingly, dogs happily accept the invite because every time we eat, they are right there beside us wanting to help finish whatever is on the plate.

In this article, I will break down everything you need to learn about cherry tomatoes and if they are good for dog consumption.

First things first, cherry tomatoes are a big part of the vegetables consumed both by humans and dogs; due to the minerals and vitamins it contains. If you have a garden at home with cherry tomatoes planted, and you own a dog. Then there is a higher percent chance your dog will give the tomatoes a visit for dinner.

But to answer this question, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? Or, imagine this, you run out of dog food, while ripe cherry tomatoes are available in the garden, will you willingly feed tomatoes to your dog? Let us find out.

To be honest, the accurate come-back to this question is ‘Yes’ and also ‘No’. What do I mean? Different consensus shows that yes, it is okay for dogs to eat cherry tomatoes but with limitations; and no, tomatoes are not good for dogs because of harmful components in the vegetable.

Why would they be good for your dog?

Your dog probably can handle one single cherry tomato here and there. Yes, you can feed your dog cherry tomatoes but only in moderation. Even consider having a meal plan for vegetables and treat tomatoes as a mid-week or a weekend snack. If you ask me, that might work. So, tomatoes contain maximum health benefits to dogs hence giving your pet the freedom to live stress-free.

Importance of Cherry Tomatoes to Dogs

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? Tomatoes help the dog develop better and stronger eyesight. How? Due to the presence of vitamin A which helps in night vision and prevents macular degeneration.

Also, dogs consuming ripe cherry tomatoes is significant in establishing a better immune system. It aids the dog in achieving healthy fur, protecting blood cells, the nervous system, and muscles.

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The presence of vitamin K in cherry tomatoes is a necessity to the dog because it supports an even circulation of blood, and finally gives room for healthy digestive processes.

Why Are Cherry Tomatoes Bad for Dogs?

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? Indeed, in science, cherry tomatoes are classified under nightshade types of vegetables; scientifically called Solanaceae. So, no, you shouldn’t feed your dog friend tomatoes due to the presence of toxic materials namely solanine and alpha tomatine. 

There is one advantage, the harmful substances are not contained in ripe cherry tomatoes fruit, but are available in unripe tomatoes and green sections of the plant including vines, leaves, and stems.

Such venomous compounds in tomatoes are risky for the dog’s health, leading to different allergic reactions. It is a good idea for you to fence your garden containing tomato plants; to keep the dog out from eating unripe tomato fruits, leaves, or stems of the plant. This way, you will keep both your dog and the tomatoes safe.

Therefore, it is a desirable strategy for you to visit your veterinarian, to get a green light for the correct types of foods to feed your dog; instead of overfeeding him/her with all kinds of junk. This is important for health purposes hence avoiding preventable allergic reactions.

Clinical symptoms and signs of tomatine poisoning

  • Seizures
  • Muscle weakness
  • Cardiac effects
  • Stomach upsets
  • Cardiac symptoms

How is Tomatine Poisoning Treated?

The first thing you need to do as a dog owner after noticing the above signs on your dog is. Stays calm. Breathe! Pick up the phone and call your vet and explain everything that has happened.

Immediately, take your dog to the animal clinic where the vet will perform a physical examination on the dog. Also, in case your dog vomits or excretes, the wastes will be examined closely, and again check-up of the heart performed to see the normal functioning.

Fluids and electrolytes will be administered to avoid dehydration and help in the flushing out of the toxic compounds from its body. Then your dog will be observed within a few hours by keeping him/her calm and safe. Luckily, immediate action before digestion is a win for recovery.

Thus, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? We would recommend you give that food a pass. 

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