Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries
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No, dogs should not be fed cherries. People’s food has always piqued the interest of dogs. While certain foods are acceptable to provide to our pets, others can cause everything from stomach irritation to death. Even if your dog had previously consumed a few cherries and looked to be alright, he or she should not consume cherries.

Even while many summer fruits are healthy, enjoyable, and safe to share with our four-legged friends, cherries, despite having some beneficial components, might cause more harm than good to dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?
Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Are Cherries Safe for Dogs?

No, in a nutshell, but the situation is a little more convoluted. Purina analysts have suggested why cherries are dangerous to dogs and provided other options to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Cherry peels are okay for dogs to consume. Cherries are high in vitamins, roughage, and flavonoids, which are all beneficial to dogs. On the other hand, cherry flesh has the potential to upset your stomach. Worse, nitrile is present in the cherry kernel, offshoots, and petals. 

This is dangerous for dogs if consumed in large enough quantities. Even though cyanide poisoning is seldom induced by one cherry kernel and branch, there’s no need to risk it. Furthermore, consuming the pits may result in an obstruction in the gut. In extreme conditions, dogs can fall into shock.

Maraschino cherries

One of the many types of cherries available is the maraschino cherry. Maraschino cherries are pit-free, tasty fruits that are commonly used in drinks. The stems are frequently cut off as well. Regardless of the lack of a pit, maraschino cherries are high in glucose, which is harmful to dogs.

Giving your dog fruit purees is typically not a smart idea, according to Purina Lead Dietitian Jan Dempsey, because they often include extra sugars or preservatives. If ingested in excess, sugar may cause diabetes, overweight, gastrointestinal problems, and even cavities.

Ripe cherries are safe for dogs to consume. The cherries can be fed to them. You’d have to toss out their shells and stems, as well as any leaves, first. That’s a lot of work, especially considering your dog isn’t going to eat enough of this fruit to benefit from it.

Animal lovers should avoid offering their pets cherry-flavored foods since they are generally heavy in artificial flavors, chemicals, and sugar. Even foods naturally flavored with cherries may include a large quantity of added sugar.

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What To Do If My Dog Ate Cherries?

Once a dog consumes an entire cherry by mistake, that’s fine. Nonetheless, a few pitted cherries are unlikely to harm him. A moderate response, such as stomach pains or diarrhea, is possible. Keep a lookout for indicators of intestinal obstruction, such as stomach distress and vomit, even if he just consumes one or two cherries. 

Can Puppies Eat Cherries

What If My Puppy Ate A Chery?

In a puppy, a single cherry shell is far more able to develop an intestinal obstruction, although senior canines should also be considered. If your dog eats a lot of cherries, keep a watch out for cyanide poisoning symptoms include exercise-induced asthma, dental problems, and watery eyes. Irrespective of whether he is experiencing any symptoms, please contact your veterinarian for additional advice.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Your dog may eat a range of organic fruits and berries without any of the above-mentioned problems. But they shouldn’t eat cherries. Blueberries, peeled and sliced mangoes, and peeled and sliced apples without the crux and seeds are other wonderful choices. 

Regular dog meals, on the other hand, are always a choice, and your dog will find them just as intriguing and enjoyable as fresh fruit. Check out the professional answers, safety rules, and guidance available to make sure your dog is as happy and comfortable as possible.


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