Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its?

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Can dogs eat cheez its? Many individuals always ask the question, can dogs eat cheez its? Yes, it is okay for dogs to consume Cheez-its but in moderation. Cheez-Its are a delicious treat for your pet, and it has been given to dogs for many years.

If you are curious about the quantity of cheez its your dog should get each day, one or two per 10 pounds of body weight is the best option. Therefore, if your dog weighs around 20 pounds, give him two or three cheez its every day.


Understanding What Is Cheez Its

Cheez its are a commonly consumed crackers snack that tastes like cheddar cheese. They come in various forms and sizes, including animal shapes and other quirky attractive patterns. The snack has been there since 1932 when Nabisco launched it as “Cheezeits.”

The initial rectangular-shaped cheez its has been reduced over time to permit smaller servings for snacking. There are no artificial flavors added in the creation process; only original cheese and natural salt are the main constituents.

Why Dogs Love Cheez Its

Can dogs eat cheez its? Dogs can consume a wide variety of meals, including veggies, fruits, and meat products that are very difficult for people to chew. Cheez its cracker is usually dipped in yogurt or sour cream-based dip, making it great for pet consumption.

Cheez its crackers have a wonderfully chewy texture, which is why dogs love them so much. Another reason why they enjoy them is that they are high in beneficial minerals and nutrients.

The Advantages of Giving Cheez Its to Your Dog

The cheez its are prepared using cheese that is remarkably similar to many dog treats. Similarly, the snack comes in a suitable size, making your pet consume it quickly. It occupies a limited space in the mouth; therefore, the probability of choking or gagging is more limited to other snacks, including cookies and candy bars.

Protein, calcium, vitamin A, and vital fatty acids are all found in cheez its. Cheese is a favorite of most dogs, and trainers frequently use it to motivate canines. This treat can also be used to cover prescriptions for dogs who need to take medication.

How Much Cheez-It Should You Give Your Dog?

Can dogs eat cheez its? Small dogs can eat only one Cheez-It, while big dogs can eat up to three Cheez-Its. You can feed these snacks after your dog’s regular meal to avoid upsetting their appetite. To avoid any long-term consequences, it is preferable not to serve these crackers regularly.

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Is Cheez-It Safe to Give Your Dog?

There are no hazardous components in Cheez-It. So long as he eats a healthy diet and has no food sensitivities, you can safely serve him this snack. On the other hand, this food comes in various flavors, including spices, onion powder, and salt.

As a result, if these crackers are offered in excess, they will affect your pet’s digestive system. It may also cause him to gain weight, raising his risk of cardiovascular disease, joint problems, and diabetes.

Harmful Effects of Cheez Its on Dogs

Cheez-Its contain chemicals that are dangerous to your dog in several ways if consumed in excess. They include;

Enriched Flour

The wheat-based flour that has been substantially treated loses many natural nutrients during processing. Therefore, they are artificially supplemented, triggering allergies if your dog is sensitive to wheat.

Although wheat flour contains vitamin B and iron, your dog should get these nutrients from other healthy alternatives.

Cheese Prepared with Whey Protein and Skim Milk

Skimmed milk is a type of dairy product. Lactose-intolerant dogs, on the other hand, are unable to digest it effectively due to a lack of the enzyme lactase. As a result, they will have trouble digesting cheese and whey proteins.


A single Cheez-It cracker has 9 mg of salt, more than a dog’s daily sodium needs. If your dog eats more than three crackers, sodium poisoning or salt poisoning might occur due to the high salt content.


Excess Calories

A single cheez Its cracker contains six calories, and when they are excessively consumed, they vary depending on your dog’s breed. As a result, higher-calorie treats lead to a weight increase in your dog. Obesity and weight increase can lead to various issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Is Cheez Its Better for Dog Consumption

The answer to can dogs eat cheez its? is yes, but in under-regulated quantities. However, to help your dog enjoy a long life, try to provide them with nutritious treats with some health advantages. Cheez-Its does not provide sufficient health benefits to merit feeding your dog additional calories and fat.