Can Dogs Eat Catnip?


Can dogs eat catnip? Catnip is a herb with colorful flowers commonly grown in our backyard. It is primarily consumed in tea by humans and possesses medicinal value as it maintains digestive health. It has a unique smell that attracts your dog and tries to smell and nibble on it. So, can dogs eat Catnip?

Usually, herbs are not a staple diet for your furry friend as they are meat eaters and require energy from protein sources to strengthen their muscular body and maintain organ functionality. Catnip is beneficial for your dog but has a strong aroma, so is Catnip safe for your dog?

Can dogs eat Catnip? Catnip is safe for your dog as it provides beneficial nutrients. It also acts as a sedative and allows your puppy to sleep peacefully. Also, it positively changes your dog’s behavior because it promotes brain health. Its topical application is also useful for your furry friend.


Health benefits of feeding Catnip?

Can dogs eat catnip? What are the health benefits of feeding catnip? People have grown certain flowers and herbs in their garden, but most are unaware of their advantages. They usually think that plants are toxic and dangerous for their furry friends.

It is valid for some plants, but not all of them are harmful; one is Catnip. It is beneficial for both humans and their dogs. Its most important benefit is that it acts as a sedative that induces sleep in your dog.

Catnip contains a chemical known as nepetalactone that helps sedate your dog and produces a calming effect. Your pooch enjoys a perfect sleep as this chemical boosts the functioning of nerves and relieves your dog of anxiety.

Also, Catnip possesses certain compounds that act as a diuretic and aid in removing excess water from your dog’s body. In doing so, they also expel harmful waste products from the body through urination.

Specific oils in Catnip are significant for your dog’s digestive system. They improve the digestive mechanism and give it a calming effect. It prevents gas accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract and cures indigestion.

A healthy digestive system leads to the healthy transportation of nutrients throughout the body. So, Catnip plays a key role in maintaining overall health.

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Risks of feeding Catnip to your dog?

Although Catnip holds significance for your furry friend’s health, it can never replace its daily diet. Your dog’s diet is nutrient-dense and provides all required components for its steady growth.

Catnip can only serve as a treat or can be added to a routine diet for medicinal benefits. However, its overfeeding is dangerous for your pup’s digestive system, and it may suffer from a lack of appetite.

Catnip in large amounts can adversely affect your dog, which usually happens in adult dogs. Their digestive system gets weak with age, and it is not powerful enough to bear the effects of a diet not part of their routine diet.

Also, some dogs are allergic to plants and become unwell after consuming Catnip. So, it is better to avoid feeding Catnip to such dogs.

How much Catnip can a dog eat?

Can dogs eat catnip? Catnip in small quantities is suitable for your puppy, but you should consult your veterinarian before adding it to your canine buddy’s diet. If your dog doesn’t show a negative effect, you can put a half tablespoon of Catnip in your dog’s diet.

Also, if your puppy suffers from diarrhea or other digestive issues, you can increase the dose based on your veterinarian’s advice. You should not give commercially available catnip toys because they are smaller in size and cause intestinal blockage.

Is Catnip bad for dogs to eat?

Usually, Catnip is not dangerous or toxic for your canine friend as it contains vital nutrients helpful for your pup’s health. However, in adult dogs, it can cause harmful effects if given in excess or cause allergy in some dogs.


Is Catnip safe for dogs?

Can dogs eat Catnip? Yes, Catnip is a safe diet as it has benefits for your pup’s digestive health, as well as it can help in healing cuts and broken skin. It is significant in inducing calmness and relieving your four-legged buddy of anxiety.

Thymol oil in Catnip contains antiseptic properties and is crucial for your dog. It can be applied to a wound, injury site, or bug bite to minimize the inflammation and spread of infection. Moreover, its insect repellent, specifically mosquito repellent, is very effective.

Conclusion – Can dogs eat catnip?

So, can dogs eat Catnip? Catnip is suitable for consumption as it provides medicinal and dietary benefits to your canine fellow.

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