Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Can Dogs Eat Bread
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Yes, a little bite here and there won’t hurt them. Read on for the full story.

As one of the most common household staples, your dog sees you eating a variety of bread types at least once every day. Of course, your pup wants a bite, and it’s tempting to oblige him. But can dogs eat bread without hurting them? Well, that depends. Keep reading as we discuss the good, the bad, and the puppy.

Why Bread can be Either Good or Bad for Dogs:

Some bread is fine for dogs to eat in careful moderation and in balanced conjunction with their regular dog food. Other loaves are lethal for her and should be carefully avoided. The definitive yes or no here leans more heavily towards a yes in most common situations.

can dogs eat bread
A dog eating bread.

However, just like variable facts about human nutrition, there are several factors that contribute to the benefits or risks of eating bread in dog facts. Ingredients, frequency, and preparedness are some of the top factors to be aware of. We’ll discuss all these things as you read along. We’ll also look at the worst kind of bread you can give Rover and the most nutritionally beneficial way to feed your pooch bread.

Ingredients to Avoid:

One of the most prevalent factors is what the bread consists of. Some of the most dangerous types of bread that Fluffy can eat include ingredients like


Grapes and Raisins are known to give dogs liver and kidney problems. Complications can even be as extreme as kidney failure, which is often fatal for dogs. Raisin bread should be carefully kept from Fido.

Garlic or Onions/Chives

Your dog could face stomach or intestinal compilations from any form of garlic or onions. Complications may not be apparent for a few days after Fido indulges in some cheesy garlic bread. These foods can also cause red blood cell damage.

Moderation and Meal Times:

Generally, dogs are not at all in danger if they eat whole wheat, multi-grain, or good old white bread. It’s important to be mindful of the amount of sugar in the bread and how much of it they eat.

While it may seem odd, it’s more beneficial to supply Spot with some bread as part of his meal rather than as an occasional snack. When partnered with good quality dog food, bread can boost the nutritional value. Meanwhile, bread by itself offers little nutrition to your pup.

Do You Know?

Lots of snacks are safe for dogs, but some snacks you should just not give your pet. We sat down and did some research and our vet has verified it: Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?

Make a Treat for Special Occasions:

On holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations, it seems unfair that your dog misses out on all the special foods that the rest of your family gets to enjoy. So if you want to give Boopsy a tasty treat too, there are a couple she’s sure to enjoy.

Pumpkin bread is actually quite healthy for dogs, and they’ll enjoy the festive treat. Whole wheat rolls are another great treat for special days. Of course, adding a little peanut butter to your dog’s bread is the simple way to give them an occasional indulgence only because peanut butter is quite fatty.

person making dough beside brown wooden rolling pin
Bread Dough

Can dogs eat bread dough?

Along with can dogs eat bread comes the question of if you can feed your dog bread dough. NO! Please don’t allow your dogs to eat dough, as it’s especially toxic. Yeast dough, for example, is very likely to ferment in your dog’s belly and cause many health problems, including:

  • Bloating
  • Pain
  • Vomiting

When left untreated or eaten in excess, bread dough can cause your dog to go into seizures or even a coma. No matter what age or size, never feed your dog raw dough.


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