Can Dogs Eat Bologna?

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Can dogs eat bologna? Your breakfast sandwich always has bologna sausages. Right? It gives your taste buds an ambrosial sensation. But what about canines? Can dogs eat bologna? Is bologna safe for dogs? How is it good or bad for your dog? Should you share a bologna sandwich with your pet?

Bologna is made of the meat of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, or a combination of all these. It originated in Bologna, a city in Italy, and is also known as baloney. Apart from meat, it contains salts, spices, and some herbs. Humans mostly make yummy sandwiches from it, but the question is, can dogs eat bologna


Can Dogs Eat Bologna?

Well! The answer is yes. Dogs can eat bologna but only in moderation. If consumed in large quantities, bologna meat can cause severe stomach issues in your canine.

Experts do not recommend it for dogs, but your dog can have some as an occasional treat. It causes problems when canines consume it daily as a regular diet.

Benefits Of Bologna Meat

Now that you know, bologna meat, in small amounts, is completely safe for dogs. The next question that might be hitting your mind is, what are the benefits of bologna meat to dogs? If I give it to my canine, what will he get from it?

There is not a long list of benefits associated with bologna. Its only benefit to dogs is the animal proteins. They love meat, and that is why they want to eat bologna.

The protein that it contains is helpful for dogs in making red blood cells and building up amino acids. Remember that bologna contains salts and spices too. Do not ignore this fact and keep the serving amount moderate. 

Ingredients Of Bologna

Even the idea of bologna is mouth-watering for pooches. But before presenting it to your four-pawed friend, you must know what it contains. Here is a list of ingredients that bologna is made of;

  1. Meat

Meat is the key ingredient, the base of bologna. It is a source of proteins for dogs. It alone does not cause any harm to dogs. When combined with other ingredients, bologna can wreak havoc.

  • Salts

What salts does bologna contain? What is their purpose? How do they impact your puppy’s health? Let’s learn about it.

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  • Nitrates

The nitrates present in bologna are used to process meat. They add flavours and preserve the meat. Nitrates increase the shelf-life of meat. 

A high dose of nitrates is not good for humans and their canine friends. Particularly in dogs, nitrate intake causes kidney damage. They also affect their liver and cause stomach issues.

  • Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride gives flavour to bologna. If consumed in excess, it leads to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Fats

Bologna contains a lot of fats and calories. Fifty-seven grams of it is equal to consuming 2 cups of ice cream. So high in calories!

Such a high amount of fats and calories causes obesity, diabetes, and pancreatitis in canines. Pancreatitis is a disease that affects a dog’s pancreas. Its symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. If the dog is left untreated, it can even cause death. 

  • Corn Syrup

To make bologna tastier and more addictive, corn syrup is added. It has a sweet taste, i.e. 2-4 times less sweet than table sugar or sucrose. However, it improves the taste of bologna meat but causes obesity, diabetes, and heart problems in dogs.

All these ingredients make bologna risky for dogs which is why it is not recommended. A much better option is to go for other healthier alternatives like cooked sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. 

Can Dogs Eat Bologna? —The Right Amount

Well! As already mentioned, bologna is not recommended, but it is safe only if you give only a small amount of it to your furry friend. There is no doubt that dogs become impatient when they see bologna or any other type of meat.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for feeding them their favourite meals in amounts that are not harmful. So in the case of bologna, a single small bite is enough for your dog. Do not feed bologna to your pup daily.


The Bottom Line – Can dogs eat bologna?

Can dogs eat bologna? Many dog owners want to know its answer. Well! Yes, dogs can eat bologna but only in small amounts.

 It contains salts and other ingredients that are not suitable for canines. If consumed in excess, bologna can put your pet in trouble. Therefore, give your four-pawed friend only a small bite-sized piece of bologna.

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