Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

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Can dogs eat beef jerky? As a dog owner, you may feed the dog pieces of your meals most of the time. Although some meals aren’t a concern, some meals may be dangerous and may adversely impact your four-legged friend’s health. But can dogs eat beef jerky?

The answer to this question is complex since beef jerky comes with certain essential nutrients and may also be harmful to your dog’s health. This article provides a closer examination of whether you should or shouldn’t give your dog beef jerky!


Can You Give Your Dog Beef Jerky?

When thinking of meals that may be harmful to your dog, you are less likely to think of beef jerky. In fact, you might not think of it at all!

Many individuals assume that since dogs love meat and beef jerky is just like other meat, feeding it to a dog wouldn’t have negative health effects. This may seem safe, but dog owners need to dive deeper into the contents of this meal, and they’ll realize that it isn’t safe.

Beef is indeed the main ingredient of beef jerky. However, various preservatives are used to keep this meal without refrigeration. It also contains spices that are employed to give it a great flavor. Unfortunately, these spices and preservatives aren’t good for your dog.

Sodium Content – Can dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

According to CDC, humans should take less than 2300mg of sodium per day. Other studies also show that one ounce of jerky contains about 590mg of sodium. So even for humans, a single beef jerky meal contains sodium exceeding the recommended intake.

Now let’s focus on your pup. Findings suggest that if your dog weighs about 33lbs, then he or she should consume up to 100mg of sodium per day. On the other hand, if your dog weighs about 66lbs, it can consume up to 200mg per day.

When you compare to the beef jerky, you’ll realize that a single ounce contains 590mg of sodium, which exceeds the recommended amount for your 66-pound dog (200mg).

This suggests that a single ounce of this meal contains more than double as much sodium your dog should consume in a day. It is even more than five times your 33-pound dog should safely take in a day.

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Spices – Can dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Apart from sodium, the spices in beef jerky are also dangerous for your dog. Humans love beef jerky for the flavor, which is achieved by blending various spices.

While you find these spices tasty, your dog isn’t supposed to eat some of those spices. Some of these spices that aren’t good for your dog are garlic and onion.

Garlic and onion belong to the allium family in the plants’ kingdom. These plants can harm your dog’s red blood cells and even organs. This may lead to breathing problems since the blood cells may be incapable of carrying oxygen through your pup’s body.
This means that the spices that make the meal tasty for humans are harmful to your dog’s health.

Dog Beef Jerky vs. Jerky for Humans

Dog jerky is healthier for your dog than human beef jerky. This is because dog-specific jerky alternatives contain fewer nutrients. This means that it contains less sodium and fewer spices that can positively impact your dog’s health.

When you want to feed your dog beef jerky, you should check the ingredients list. Ensure that you select an alternative that contains few nutrients. If you find one that is made of a single nutrient, it would be the best option for your four-legged family member.


Store-Bought vs. Homemade Jerky

One of the questions that you may ask about homemade beef jerky; is it harmful as store-bought for your dog’s teeth.

The answer to this question relies on how you make it. The good thing about homemade jerky is that you know the ingredients it contains. You can avoid adding any harmful spices and preservatives and ensure appropriate sodium levels so that it’s safe for your dog.

If you follow this procedure, then your homemade jerky would be safe for your puppy’s consumption.

Although jerky may seem a safe meal to give your dog, the reality is that it can be harmful since it contains certain dangerous spices and preservatives.

It also contains high sodium levels that may cause your dog to consume excess salt in a day. So can dogs eat beef jerky? The answer is no; giving your dog this meal could lead to adverse health impacts on your puppy’s body.

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