Can Dogs Eat Arugula?

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Can dogs eat arugula? Many of us like the excellent peppery taste of arugula in a summer salad. But have you ever thought of sharing this leafy green vegetable with your pooch? Simply put, can dogs eat arugula?

Luckily, yes. Arugula is okay for dogs to eat in moderate amounts. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals; therefore, it’s a healthy addition to your dog’s diet. Besides, it is lower in calories and provides nutritional benefits to dogs.

Here’s something more you need to learn: can dogs eat arugula? So, let’s begin.


What Is Arugula?

Now, do you want to know what is arugula? Can dogs eat arugula?

Arugula is a peppery, leafy green vegetable and part of your salads, pizzas, and pasta. Earlier, it was well-known as a medicinal herb.

But now, it is widely used in numerous dishes, including Italian cuisine. It belongs to the same family as mustard and cabbage; therefore, it is known for its peppery flavor.

Is Arugula Good for Dogs?

Can dogs eat arugula? Is it good for them?

Although arugula isn’t a part of a dog’s normal diet, it is beneficial for him in moderation.

Improve Vision and Bone Health

Arugula is rich in vitamin A and K, which improve vision. Additionally, it contains potassium and calcium, which are good for bone health.

Improve Digestion

This leafy green vegetable contains high fiber and less sugar and carbs. Therefore, it reduces the blockage and improves digestion problems when eaten in small amounts.

Aids Immune System

Like other green vegetables, arugula contains chlorophyll and other phytochemicals in plants. Chlorophyll strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, and detoxifies the blood.

Further, like humans, phytochemicals slow cancer progression in your furry friend.

Are There Any Risks of Feeding Arugula for Dogs?

Remember, any human food is safe for dogs if given in moderation; the same is true with arugula.

So, add any new food gradually to your dog’s diet and observe how he reacts to it. In the case of any allergic reaction, stop feeding him and switch to his regular diet only.

Various risks are related to eating arugula in large amounts in dogs. These include:

Oxalic Acid

Unlike other green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, arugula is not so rich in oxalic acid. However, it is still present in a moderate amount and binds with essential minerals.

As a result, it prevents mineral absorption in your pet’s body. However, this effect can be reduced by cooking or steaming arugula.

Did you Know?

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Arugula contains a compound called Goitrogen that suppresses a dog’s thyroid gland in the case of overconsumption.

This compound also affects the iodine uptake, an essential part of a healthy thyroid. It is present in various vegetables like broccoli, kale, and arugula.

Don’t worry about these health risks if you feed your dog a small amount of arugula. However, make sure to cook the herb first slightly. Also, it’s better to consult your vet before making any new addition to your pet’s diet.

Arugula can also cause an allergic reaction in your puppy; therefore, start feeding him a bite or two. Wait for 48 hours, and if he shows any reaction, that means this vegetable is not suitable for him.

How to Prepare Arugula for Dogs?

You can reduce the peppery flavor of arugula by cooking it or combining it with other foods while feeding your dog.

That’s because most dogs don’t like the peppery flavor of this herb. Cooking reduces the amount of goitrogen and makes it safe and desirable to eat for dogs.

So, you can chop it and add it to their regular meal. You can add arugula to lean meats or canned food so your dog can enjoy the flavor.

Can Dogs Eat Baby Arugula?

Compared to young arugula, baby arugula is a bit tender and smaller herb. It has the same vitamins and minerals and is safe for dogs in small amounts.

It’s better to cook it before serving it to your dog. That’s because fresh arugula can affect your dog’s metabolism and health.


Other Green Leafy Vegetables for Dogs

Some other leafy greens are also safe to share with your dog. These include:

Final Thoughts

To conclude, can dogs eat arugula? Yes, arugula is safe for dogs to eat in small amounts. It offers numerous benefits to canines because of certain vitamins and minerals it contains.

You need to cook it slightly before feeding your dog. In case of emergency, call your vet immediately to avoid complications.

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