Can Dogs Eat Apple Skin?

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An apple a day keeps a doctor away. Right? Can an apple keep a veterinarian away too? Can dogs eat apples? Can dogs eat apple skin? Is even an apple safe for your four-pawed canine companion? Well! You’ll be glad to know that dogs can eat apples with their skin.

In moderation, neither the juicy flesh nor the apple peel causes any harm to dogs. Isn’t it amazing? If you want to know more, read the blog till the end.


Is Apple Skin Good For Dogs?

Can dogs eat apple skin? Well, yes, they can! Dogs and apple skin! This match does make sense. You might have heard that apple skin causes health issues in puppies. Well! It’s true, but not always.

Dogs can eat apple skin. Instead, it is a pretty healthy and nutritious snack for your pup. Feeding it sparingly imparts many health benefits to your canine companion. Problems only arise when your dog ingests apple peels in excess.

Benefits Of Apple Skin For Your Pooches

We know that the answer to “can dogs eat apple skin?” has surprised you. The benefits of the peels that you were keeping away from your puppies will be even more surprising. So be ready!

Rich in vitamins

Do you know apple skin is enriched with vitamins A and C? Now you might be thinking about the benefits of these vitamins to dogs. Right?

These two vitamins are not only immune boosters but also good for your pup’s dental health, vision, and bones.

Cancer-fighting potential

Researchers have found that apple skin has anticancer potential. It contains chemical compounds called triterpenoids that fight against cancer cells and kill them. Hence, curing cancers.

Aids in maintaining a healthy weight

Is your dog obese? Are you worried about his weight? What if we say feed him apple peels? Yes! Apple skin contains ursolic acid, which aids your pup in maintaining a healthy weight.

Contains fibre

The fibre present in apple skin helps in smooth bowel movements. It aids in digestion and keeps your dog’s gut healthy.

Anti-allergic properties

Apple skin contains a compound called Quercetin. In allergic reactions, histamines are produced, which cause inflammation. Quercetin suppresses the release of histamines, hence reducing inflammation.

Did you Know?

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So, from now onwards, don’t throw the peels away. Eat them and let your pet get the benefits too.

Do Apple Skin Cause Any Harm To Your Canine Companion?

Now that you know the benefits of apple skin, it would be unjust not to talk about its harms or risks. So let’s shed some light on the dark side of apple skin too.

Digestive problems

In dogs, apple skin causes digestive issues like diarrhea, stomach aches, stomach upset, etc. It only happens if you feed excessive amounts of apple skin.

Different breeds of dogs respond differently to apple skin. So, it is better to start with small quantities. If your dog does not show ill effects to apple skin, you can feed them as a snack.

Choking hazard

As you know, unlike the apple flesh, its skin is hard. If given in large pieces, it can get stuck in your puppy’s throat, causing a choking hazard. Therefore, try to cut the skin into small pieces before offering it to your pet.

Cyanide poisoning

Apple seeds contain cyanide. If your dog accidentally eats the seeds with apple skin, he will suffer from cyanide poisoning, which can even be lethal. So, ensure that you only feed the skin to your four-pawed canine companion.

Pesticide poisoning

As you know, pests are enemies of human-grown crops. So to keep them away, pesticide use is common. To keep the apples free of pests, they are sprayed with pesticides.

If the apple is not washed correctly and your dog eats its skin, he’ll have to bear the symptoms of pesticide poisoning. So, wash fruits properly before eating or sharing them as a treat with your pet.


How Much Apple Skin Is Safe For Pooches?

Can dogs eat apple skin? Yes! But how much? Another important question. So here’s the answer for you.

If you are feeding apples, feed only 2-3 slices along with the skin. Please make sure they are in small pieces to avoid choking hazards. In short, the skin of 2-3 apple slices given occasionally would not harm your puppy.

Winding It Up

Can dogs eat apple skin? The answer is yes. Yes, dogs can eat apple skin. It is an occasional nutritious treat that imparts many health benefits.

However, it also has some side effects, but you can reduce them with extra care. So, include apple skin in your doggy’s snack list and share your experience with us.

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