Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass?

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Can cats eat wheatgrass? Wheatgrass is the young shoot of the wheat plant that sprouts from the soaked and rinsed wheat seed.

Since the felines are categorized as obligate carnivores, can they eat wheatgrass? Yes, cats can eat and consume wheatgrass.

Though it might sound unlikely that cats can eat wheatgrass!  We’ll look into what this means for your cat. Is it even healthy? How much should they be fed? 


Is wheatgrass healthy for cats?

Can cats eat wheatgrass? Is wheatgrass healthy for cats? Yes, feeding your cat the wheatgrass is suitable for their mental and physical health.

It is naturally packed with various nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamins, selenium, minerals, chlorophyll, and carotene.

Why can cats eat wheatgrass?

Can cats eat wheatgrass? Considering the nutritional value of wheatgrass, a few benefits are listed here that justify why wheatgrass can be fed to our furry friends.

  • Promoting digestive health- The natural fibers in wheatgrass can increase digestive motility and aid in removing the hairballs and foreign bodies that otherwise can cause blockage.
  • Meliorate Immune System – The fact that wheatgrass is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can help your cat strengthen their immune system.
  • Decelerate the Aging Process- Chlorophyll (an essential factor in making hemoglobin and proven to be a blood booster) is found in the wheatgrass. So it can help your cat make more blood, slowing the aging process and making it look younger.
  • Improved Vision- Vitamin A, E, C, and carotenes in the wheatgrass can improve the night vision of your cat.
  • Brain Stimulation- Cats usually have a playful and curious nature. So, if you found your pet inattentive, then the introduction of the wheatgrass as a new food can make them feel the difference in their daily food routine and can do some stimulation.
  • Eliminate Heavy Metals – Wheatgrass have the natural ability to bind with heavy metals and remove them away from the body of any living organism. Hence, it is really good for your furry friend.
  • An analgesic for Older- Wheatgrass is rich in minerals. These minerals can help in restoring the bones and muscle tissue. Older cats have mobility problems, and it can relieve the pain of arthritis in them.
  • Increases Fertility- High amount of magnesium in it produces the enzymes that bind with and enhance the production of sex hormones. The consumption of wheatgrass can prove beneficial in pregnant cats as well as in those that are bred regularly.

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How much wheatgrass can you feed your cat?

Can cats eat wheatgrass? How much wheatgrass can you feed? Though cats enjoy munching on wheatgrass but should be given in small quantities to maintain health.

Cats are carnivores designed to digest animal-based protein, so they are deficient in the enzymes required to digest plant-based protein and fiber.

Consumption of a large amount of wheatgrass or any vegetable can lead to digestive problems.

How often can you feed wheatgrass to your cat?

To stay healthy, wheatgrass can be given daily but in a small volume.

Is wheatgrass safe to use?

There is nothing to worry about. The shoot part contains only the plant fiber, and there is no gluten (found in the seed) in it.

So, even if your kitty has some food allergies to wheat gluten, you can feed the wheatgrass without any hesitation.

Do cats enjoy eating wheatgrass? 

Yes! It tastes really good. Its different texture can add a change to their conventional food. Cats enjoy eating wheatgrass.

Can wheatgrass prove harmful to cats?

Yes, the consumption of wheatgrass can have detrimental side effects if not served carefully. These are;

Chemical Poisoning- If you decide to allow your cat access to the wheatgrass, be sure you remove any toxic green plants grown with it.

Outdoor grown wheatgrass is usually sprayed with chemicals and herbicides to preserve them from pests. These chemicals can lead to poisoning in cats and other animals.

Therefore, you need to be careful with your purchase and must wash them before feeding. Homegrown wheatgrass is the safest and alternative option to be used.

Indigestion- The main side effect is increased vomiting or pooping. This can be due to overconsumption or due to the cat’s inability to digest the plant fiber found in the wheatgrass.

Fibers increase the gut motility that ultimately poops out the stomach content one way or the other.


Conclusion – Can cats eat wheatgrass?

Is wheatgrass good for cats? Yes, wheatgrass is good for cats. They can eat it safely. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, chlorophylls, and fibers.

You can feed your pet a small quantity of wheatgrass daily along with the main diet.

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