Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Can Cats Eat Watermelon
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Yes, watermelon is perfectly safe for most cats to eat, and not surprisingly, a great many of them tend to enjoy it! Are you worried that your cat might have eaten some watermelon when they shouldn’t have?

Perhaps you’re looking for a nutritious treat to give your pet, and you wonder if the refreshing summer fruit might be safe to try! In either case, you shouldn’t worry too much if your cat had a bite of watermelon for lunch. 

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Are Watermelons Safe for Cats?

Watermelon is almost entirely made up of water, sugar, and fiber. This combination can quench your cat’s thirst and give it a delightful texture to munch on, which it will immensely enjoy.

Sweetness, on the other hand, you will find your feline friend to be indifferent toward. Cats’ taste buds do not register the sweetness of sugar as ours do, so the sweetness of sugar is not likely the reason they enjoy watermelon.

The water and fiber in watermelon can provide specific health benefits for your cat. Cats’ digestive systems benefit from fiber, and a little watermelon can help to keep your cat’s bowel movements regular. Watermelon’s high water content assists in keeping your cat hydrated, helping to flush harmful toxins from their body.

Additionally, the array of vitamins and minerals in watermelon provides some serious benefits to a cat’s health. Watermelon contains, among other things, vitamins A and C, the former of which can help to promote healthy skin.

The fruit also contains potassium and magnesium, which benefit your feline’s musculoskeletal system. These minerals will help your cat grow strong bones and teeth, resilient muscles, and flexible joints.

Do you Know?

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Even so, your cat’s intake should be limited to such a small amount that most of the benefits of watermelon would go mostly unnoticed. Many other foods can serve better as a supplement to achieve dietary goals.

An excess of sugar found in fruit can cause other issues with your cat’s health, such as obesity or diabetes. Eating the rind or seeds of watermelon can cause her digestive trouble, stomach pain, and irregular bowel movements.

To avoid harm due to these risks, feed your cat only a very small piece of the fruit as an occasional treat. Watermelon seeds, as well as the seeds of many other fruits, contain trace amounts of a poison called Arsenic which, if ingested in excess, could cause severe illness and even deadly levels of the substance in your pet’s bloodstream.

Cat eating a watermelon
Cat Eating A Watermelon

Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Yes, they can! Most pet owners can understand what it’s like to feel anxiety when our pets ingest something that we aren’t sure they should have. It’s a big responsibility to curate a healthy diet for a cat, and sometimes it can be a bit scary to have to wonder whether your furry friend may have inadvertently harmed themselves by eating something they shouldn’t have!

Thankfully when it comes to watermelon, we ought not to fret ourselves. As long as it is eaten in moderation and without the rind and seeds, the fruit is a perfectly healthy option for an additive to your happy cat’s diet!

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