Can Cats Eat Pizza?

can cats eat pizza
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A small amount of pizza may be harmless to a cat, so it would be ok to eat in rough situations, but the reality is that cats should stay away from pizza dough as much as possible. Can cats eat pizza? The answer is that it is usually better not. The toppings and other seasonings that make their way onto a pizza slice can be crucially harmful to the cat’s overall health.

A primary problem with pizza is that it almost never will contain the vital health contribution that the cat needs, no matter what ingredients it might be made with.

Pizza toppings

It is better to stick with food that does not have an overall mass amount of ingredients to avoid causing an allergic reaction or having toxic symptoms. Some of the toppings that should be avoided are garlic and onions. Spicy and hot toppings on the pizza are also a downfall to the cat’s health and organs.

pepperoni pizza

Pizza may seem pleasing to the human taste buds, and so the cat may also enjoy devouring some of it, but the general rule is that it can lead to obesity within the cat’s body even if it can handle the ingredients.

If a cat can handle dairy in a generally safe manner, then it is probably ok to let it have a slice of pizza at the most without having to worry about death and such. However, the cat should still be monitored right after it eats the pizza to ensure no severe reactions that might need the help of a veterinarian or other doctor.

Can Cats Eat Pizza dough?

One thing that should remain off the table is the raw dough that pizza is generally made with. This may lead to alcohol within the stomach and a deadly expansion that may kill the friendly cat. Most of these animals are usually not going to seek this type of raw dough and yeast in the first place, but it should certainly be limited from its palate.

If you want to be sure that a pet cat avoids all of these gastrointestinal types of problems, then it should not be allowed to eat pizza no matter how yummy it may seem that it takes it to be.

Pizza crust

The crust can have lots of calories and is generally a plain type of food that would not be highest on the list of foods that the cat wants to devour. This is because you probably would not feed yourself a pizza crust that has no other great ingredients.

So it is best to avoid the situation in the first place. Once again, remember to avoid giving the cat such a toxic yeast that will ferment inside of its stomach and release carbon dioxide along with ethanol. If it does get its paws on some active yeast, then you should contact a vet immediately to determine the best plan of action to remain healthy overall.

Did you Know?

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Lactose intolerance

Because many cats are lactose intolerant, you would not want to give it a plethora of cheese to devour because it would only end up remaining in the stomach for overtime since the cat would not be able to break it down properly.

Stomach cramps and flatulence are possible in both humans and cats, and there may be a vast amount of cramping that can cause a wide discomfort in the pet cat.

Tomato sauce

Another ingredient common in pizza that should be considered for the cat’s health effects is the tomato sauce. This may be ok, but it can sometimes contain solanine which might cause the cat to have to lay down out of commission.

In the same way, a cat might find this is the green parts of some garden plants, but it definitely should avoid the tomato green leafy portions to steer away from this toxic chemical.

can cats eat pizza

Anything like chives and leaves is part of the Allium family of plants, including onions and garlic. This stuff will be highly toxic if the cat is allowed to overdose on such things, so it should not be given to the pet.

Summary – Can Cats Eat Pizza?

So, you can see that there are many varieties, and it is hard to truly determine the effects without properly monitoring a cat after it has consumed some of this pizza delight. Can cats eat pizza? So, to be safe, keep the cat on a healthier diet of products that it is known to be ok with, and everything should be great.

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