Can Cats Eat Pistachios?

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Can cats eat pistachios? Many questions come to mind when it comes to our feline friend, the cat. Do cats like to wear sweaters? Is catnip good for cats? Can cats eat broccoli? Do cats get along with turtles? Can cats eat cheerios? One of the many questions many endure that we will be diving into today is, can cats eat pistachios?

The answer to this question is no. A couple of pistachios occasionally are okay, but it is highly recommended not to do this daily. Let’s get into the facts as to why these delicious snacks are harmful to our feline friends.


Although pistachios are not poisonous, they are still pretty harmful to cats to consume. As many nuts are high in fat, pistachios are one of the many that share a negative impact on felines. You should not share pistachios with cats, but certain circumstances make it semi-okay to share.

Pistachios are high in fat, making them no good with a cat’s daily diet. The rich fat in pistachios can lead to obesity. If a cat was to consume pistachios on a daily basis, chances are it will gain weight and have stomach issues, including bloating and gas. Usually, pistachios come in packages that have been seasoned with artificial flavors or salt, which alone makes them very harmful for cats.

Pistachios are great for humans to consume as they are high in fiber. This high fiber makes it unsafe for cats as it can cause them to have gastrointestinal problems. A cat’s body has a lot of difficulties when it comes to digesting pistachios, much like any other seed or nut.

Cats are made for digesting protein made for animals and are not things that are plant-based. Pistachios can also cause pancreatitis for cats if consumed. Common symptoms of this are nausea, abdominal pain and loose stools.

If you would like to feed your cat pistachios, make sure you purchase them with no shells, as the shells make them more harmful for cats. The shells on pistachios make them risky for cats to consume. These shells can get stuck in their intestinal tract if they haven’t already caused them to choke, blocking their airway.

If a cat eats a shell, it may cause internal blockage making a veterinarian visit needed immediately. The obstruction these pistachios can cause can lead to discomfort and pain.

Food for Cats: Did You Know?

Felines are not actually picky eaters as one might think. Therefore, we have looked at several different foods and tell you if it’s safe for your cat to eat or not. Like this one: Can Cats Eat Marshmallows?

Watch your cat’s behaviour and reaction if it consumes any of these delicious snacks. If consumed and worst-case scenario body obstruction occurs, surgery will be needed. This can be very costly, so it’s best to refrain from sharing these delicious snacks with your feline friend.

Surgery can be done for your cat if blockage or body obstruction occurs, and the veterinarian can extract the nut or shell. Pistachios are not recommended for cats to eat; a small bite or two is okay but also threatening. They are big choking hazards for them which makes it wise to keep a watchful eye on them if they eat them.

Pistachios are not the only nuts that should be avoided. Other nuts that should be avoided include black walnuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, raw cashews, pecans, hickory nuts, Brazil nuts and almonds. There are many risks that cats can get if they consume any of these nuts.

Those risks are fever, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools, seizures, trouble walking, abdominal pain and many others. Nuts that are safe to share with cats are plain shelled peanuts, plain hazelnuts, plain and shelled roasted cashews and plain pine nuts.


Along with pistachios, cats should also not consume pistachio ice cream and pistachio pudding. Both of these are rich in fat, sugars and artificial flavors, making them both not safe for cats as well. Whether your cat is a kitten or a senior, it is recommended to keep pistachios away from them.

Conclusion – Can cats eat pistachios?

So when asked can cats eat pistachios, the answer is no. If you want to give your cat a tasty treat that isn’t just their normal cat food, there are many other healthy options. Some healthy foods you can share with your cat are berries, carrots, fish, poultry, beef, rice, bananas, cheese, oatmeal, pumpkin, eggs and spinach.

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