Can cats eat parsley?

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Can cats eat parsley? Generally, parsley is one of the tastiest and most colourful herbs full of healthy nutrients, and we normally use it in our food.

It brings an extraordinary flavorful taste to the food recipe. Usually, cats can eat specific human food without any problem, but when it comes to feeding parsley to your furry friend, the question arises, can cats eat parsley?

Interestingly, if you have grown parsley in your backyard or garden, it is not strange to see your cat roaming and sniffing the plant. Sometimes, they consume a little bit of plant as they are curious about its taste. So you, as a pet owner, might be tempted to know, is parsley safe for your cat?

Can cats eat parsley? Yes, cats can eat parsley but in a moderate amount. Usually, it helps maintain a healthy urinary system for your cat and strengthens its immune system, but if given in excess, it can prove toxic to your cat. So, let us find out the beneficial aspects of feeding parsley to your feline friend.


Can cats eat parsley?

Yes, cats can eat parsley but only as a treat, and they should not be provided regularly to your cat. As cats are obligate carnivores, they only rely on animal protein and do not consume plant material.

They do not have the enzyme to break plant material and utilize their energy, but still, greenery attracts cats so that parsley can be fed in a limited amount.

Moreover, parsley also has beneficial effects if fed small quantities to your cat. It has anti-fungal and infection-fighting abilities, protecting your cat’s urinary tract. The antioxidants in parsley remove free radicals from your cat’s body and maintain its overall health.

Generally, if your cat loves to eat parsley, you can give parsley water to your furry friend. It is made by infusing parsley leaves in water, and it is a safe option to feed parsley to your cat. It can also help in treating cystitis in your cat.

Is parsley toxic for cats to eat?

Can cats eat parsley? Is it toxic for cats to eat? Generally, parsley is not a toxic herb for your cat. However, it is recommended to give parsley in a small amount.

It does not prove fatal to your cat even if your feline buddy overeats this herb. But you must consult your veterinarian before adding any vegetable or herb to your cat’s diet.

Also, feeding parsley more often will make your cat protein-deficient, as cats mainly eat a protein-rich diet. If you serve more greenery and less meat to your cat, it may jeopardize your cat’s health.

Moreover, spring parsley is one such variety that is toxic for your cat. Your cat is likely to experience photosensitization if it eats spring parsley.

In this condition, when your cat goes out in sunlight, it suffers from sunburn, and numerous blisters are formed on the exposed skin of your cat.

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Is parsley safe for cats?

Can cats eat parsley? Yes, parsley is safe to eat for your furry friend, but if fed in a limited amount. It contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that help maintain your cat’s overall health. Spring parsley should be avoided as it is poisonous to your cat.

Although it is safe and beneficial to feed this herb in a moderate amount to your cat, it doesn’t mean you should give it to your cat as a feed supplement. If you see your cat eating too much parsley, avoid growing it in your garden and keep a strict eye on your cat.

Are there any benefits of parsley in cats?                  

Yes, parsley benefits your cat, but if you feed it sparsely. We will discuss some of the benefits here.

  1. Parsley is high in folic acid, making it a good anti-inflammatory herb. It helps in maintaining the healthy digestive system and kidneys of your cat.
  2. It contains fiber which also is equally beneficial for constipation and diarrhea in your cat.
  3. Vitamin A helps in improving the vision and boosting your cat’s immunity.
  4. Vitamin K improves the blood clotting system and liver health of your cat.
  5. Vitamin C will promote your cat’s joint health by maintaining collagen production.

Conclusion – Can cats eat parsley?

So, can cats eat parsley? The answer is Yes. However, parsley must be given in moderate quantities. It provides various vitamins and minerals that strengthen your cat’s immunity and overall health.

Moreover, it contains anti-fungal properties, which help protect your feline friend’s urinary tract. If you feed parsley in a large quantity, it may not prove fatal to your cat, but its health will be compromised.

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