Can cats eat mint?

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Can cats eat mint? Generally, cats are obligate carnivores which means that they strictly adhere to a protein diet. They usually don’t have the enzyme to break plant material, but that doesn’t stop cat owners from feeding them with plant matter. But the question arises, can cats eat mint?

Interestingly, you must have noticed if you have any plant material or grass growing in your backyard, your cat would have been attracted to their smell.

Some plant materials are beneficial for carnivorous animals to help relieve stomach aches and other gastrointestinal complications. However, for feeding it to the cat, there are certain limitations. So, is mint safe for your cat?

Can cats eat mint? No, cats cannot eat mint. From leaves and stems to flowers, every part of mint entirely contains essential oils that are thought to be highly toxic to your feline friend. So, the mint and any mint product are harmful to your kitty.


Can cats eat mint?

No, cats should not eat mint because, as discussed above, the essential oil present in mint is toxic for your cat. Interestingly, there are various mint plants, and not every type is safe for your cat.

Mint poisoning can occur in your kitty if it chews mint plants in large quantities. If your cat consumes a small portion of mint, it should be okay, but you must call a veterinarian if you start vomiting and see visible signs of skin irritation.

Are cats attracted to mint?

Can cats eat mint? Are they attracted to mint? Mint might be unsafe for your cat, but it does attract the mint plant. The reason is simple; it is primarily due to the mint plant’s pleasant smell. Nepetalactone, a chemical present in mint similar to the cat’s pheromones, is responsible for this smell.

Out of the numerous mint plants, your cat usually shows interest in three main types: catnip, peppermint, and spearmint. All of these types are found to be dangerous for your cat.

Usually, it is okay to have mint grown in your garden or mint laying out in your kitchen. The smell of mint alone cannot harm your cat. The problem arises if the cat tries to ingest the leaves of mint.

If you see your cat doesn’t stay away from the mint and keep on smelling it, then it becomes necessary for you to remove the mint from your garden to keep your kitty safe.

Is mint toxic for cats?

Can cats eat mint? Is it toxic for cats? Generally, if your cat gets exposed to the mint plant for a longer duration or ingests the mint leaves, it will lead to mint poisoning. Essential oils in most mint plants, such as peppermint oil, are poisonous and lethal for your cat.

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If your cat ingested a large amount of mint plant, then look for the gastrointestinal trouble in your kitty. If there is no symptom of poisoning, then you must not worry. It is clear that not every cat will react similarly to the mint exposure. Some cats have more mint tolerance than others and are not significantly affected.

Moreover, all parts of mint, including leaves, stems, and flowers, are toxic for your furry friend. Each one of them contains essential oils. So, make sure your cat doesn’t get any closer to the mint pant.

Is mint safe for cats?

Can cats eat mint? No, mint is not safe for your cat to eat as it contains toxic essential oils such as peppermint, which cause serious digestive problems in your cat. In some cases, it can cause severe dehydration.

Also, cats with liver and pre-existing bowel or hepatic disease are severely affected by essential oils. Mostly, cats who undergo mint poisoning show possible symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and weakness. A few of them experience allergic reactions, which suggest that even topical use of these essential oils is not safe.

Other things to consider about cats and mints?

If you have grown mint plants in your garden, keep them away from your cat’s access. Try to grow non-toxic plants such as valerian and wheatgrass indoors.

You should monitor your cat closely to observe any signs of mint poisoning. If your cat eats mint in a small amount, it may not be dangerous.


Conclusion – Can cats eat Mint?

So, can cats eat mint? The answer is No, as it contains essential oils toxic to your kitty. If ingested by your cat, a small amount of mint plant may not be lethal, but an excessive amount of mint is not safe for your cat. For this purpose, you should keep any mint away from your cat’s access.

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