Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream
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Many people like ice cream, including some animals. But can cats eat ice cream? Yes, cats can have ice cream but in limited amounts. Ice cream is a popular dessert, but it’s usually not the type of food that we would give our cats. However, some cats love ice cream just as much as their human owners. So here are some reasons why you might want to give your kitty a scoop of ice cream.

can cats eat ice cream

Is Ice Cream good/bad for Cats?

First and foremost, can cats eat ice cream? Yes! Of course, the proper amount of food needs to be given at appropriate intervals, but homemade or store-bought ice cream can make a nice treat. Ice cream needs to be cold for human consumption to promote a “cold taste,” but this doesn’t apply to cats. Only a moderate amount of ice cream is safe for your feline friend. Overfeeding or feeding frequently can make your cat obese, which can further cause other health problems like diabetes.

Can Cats Digest Ice Cream?

Most cats are lactose intolerant, just like humans. Lactose intolerance means that your cat can not digest lactose sugar present in milk because they lack lactase enzyme to process it. If your cat is lactose intolerant, she won’t be able to digest ice cream as it contains milk.

However, not all cats are lactose intolerant. If your cat is one of them, it is okay to feed her ice cream if this is not a routine event. 

Cats usually like the taste very much, and many other sources mention that if you serve your cat vanilla flavored treats, it will keep him from being attracted toward spraying inside your house.

Do you Know?

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Ice Cream Can Help With Weight Control

Homemade ice cream is often made from frozen milk, dried milk, and eggs, which can help with weight control. However, some store-bought brands contain very high levels of fat, in addition to sugars. Cats are generally low-calorie feeders, so consuming ice cream as a treat is likely fine for your pet. 

You should limit the treats in terms of both sugar and salt content you provide for your pet. Unlike humans, cats do not handle their diets well. Quickly rubbing up against things attracts a cat’s nose toward the object, which is ice cream, giving this chemical a seductive power over cats, causing them to be curious and want more.

Some cats are lactose intolerant like humans.

If you want your cat to consume ice cream occasionally, make sure that the first ingredient in the ingredients listed is cream or milk. Generic store brands may use vegetable oil as one of the first ingredients instead of actual dairy products. Cats who are lactose intolerant should avoid ice cream as well. 

Additional allergic reactions can become more frequent if your kitty is already belly up and spiking higher than Tiger Woods after a night at the flesh-pots. If you think your cat has an adverse reaction to a particular food, it’s always best to play it safe and not give them these treats regularly.

First, offer your kitten some plain vanilla ice cream without any toppings or sugar before attempting to serve them some flavored with other sweet items. The point is to get their taste buds used to the taste of vanilla in advance of adding anything else into the equation.

Is Ice Cream Safe For Cats?

Hand-made treats made from ingredients that are of less nutritional value than meat-based products are also best avoided. But you can give your cat tiny bites of ice cream, such as when you treat yourself to your frozen favorites on a Sunday summer day. 

cat drinking iced coffee
Cat sipping on an Iced Coffee

You should avoid giving your cat dairy foods that contain large amounts of lactose. If you’re going to give your cat ice cream, particularly homemade varieties, then you should limit their consumption because they have a lot of sugar and fat in them. 

But that pesky nose of your cat may call them temptingly good, and they will keep stalking ice cream all over the house. Always remember every spoon counts, and it may not be good to give your cat too much ice cream. It would be better to do it once in a while.


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