Can Cats Eat Doritos?

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Can cats eat Doritos? When you are binge-watching, enjoying your favorite snacks, and the cat begs you for this food, asking, “Can cats eat Doritos” is a must. Cats can eat anything they want to, but cats shouldn’t eat Doritos like various other things.

In substantial amounts, processed corn, vegetable fat, dairy powder, and garlic powder can be fatal for your cat. Before considering the answer yes to the question, “can cats eat Doritos?” you must know the risks involved:


Why You Should Avoid Giving Doritos To Your Furball

Can cats eat Doritos? In your quest to find the best answer to the question of, can cats eat Doritos? you will come up face to face with some risks. These are the side effects caused by different ingredients in this food.

If your cat sniffs Doritos and moves along to find some other snacks, you are a lucky person. But you are in great trouble if your cat loves to eat the spicy treat. The cat will love to steal the bite from the pack or your hand.

If you do not help your cat stay away from this food, the feline could suffer from the following issues:

1.      Processed Corn Is Almost Impossible For Cat To Process And Digest

The biggest issue you will find in the answers to the question, can cats eat Doritos is corn. Your feline is a carnivore, and corn is not a kind of food they eat in the wild to live a happy and healthy life. Cats need taurine and unsaturated fat from the small game.

The heavily processed corn is simply impossible for them to process. If you give a small bite to your kitty, the digestive system will discard it easily. But the substantial amount of Doritos will cause digestive issues like diarrhea and vomiting.

2.      Doritos Have Ample Salt That Could Result In Sodium Poisoning

The smaller body of the cat cannot process and bear the load of salt. Sodium ions in abundance are not good for your furball and will result in hypertension and blood chemistry changes. If the high blood pressure remains persistent, it can affect the brain, heart, and liver.

Sodium poisoning is the most dangerous situation for a kitty because the side effects can lower their life expectancy even if you treat it in time. Your furball cannot live a happy life after sodium poisoning because of irreparable damage to the vital organs.

3.      Feline Carnivores Do Not Need Vegetable Fat At All

Another issue cat owners find in finding the right answer to the question of whether cats eat Doritos is the use of vegetable oil.

Food for Cats: Did You Know?

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Cats need fat and fatty acids in the form of omega-3 and 6. But the vegetable oil is not what your cat needs, and it will result in digestive issues and gut flora imbalance.

4.      Doritos Have High Carbs That Could Make Your Cat Obese

If you keep sharing this treat with your cat, the high amount of carbohydrates will disrupt their calorie intake. Cats do not need ample calories because they sleep more than 14 hours a day.

Giving them high carbohydrates from this treat will result in weight gain and obesity, and according to experts, obesity is the mother of various diseases.

5.      Your Lactose Intolerant Cat Cannot Bear Cheese Powder And Skim Milk Powder

Doritos are loaded with cheese and skim milk powder to give them an extra punch of taste. These dairy powders are not for felines because cats are lactose intolerant. Kittens have lactase in their body to process and break down lactose.

But giving them Doritos can result in fatality because of digestive issues. It is not that dangerous for adult cats, but still, the risks are higher.

6.      Garlic And Onion Powder Can Result In Herb Poisoning 

According to ASPCA, garlic and onion are poisonous to cats because of the toxic elements. In powder form, they are more hazardous because a smaller amount of onion or garlic powder is enough to cause a severe reaction.

You must think twice before giving Doritos to your cat, as the question of whether cats eat Doritos comes with several risks and implications.


Conclusion – Can Cats Eat Doritos

Can cats eat Doritos? Yes, but that is true only for a single bite once in a blue moon. Doritos as a regular treat can make your cat suffer from severe medical conditions, vital organ damage, and poisoning.

Doritos cannot kill cats, but the regular consumption of hazardous ingredients will not result well in their life expectancy. According to experts, if you feed Doritos to felines, these snacks will surely lower your pet’s life expectancy and quality of life.

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