Can Cats Eat Cucumber?

Can Cats Eat Cucumber
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Have you ever gotten a glimpse of your cat staring at you while you chop some cucumbers for your salad? The question that pops in your mind after might be, “Can cats eat cucumber?” – Well, this article answers your question with a yes and also explains the benefits of cucumbers for your cat.

Benefits of Cucumbers to Cats

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The main reason you should consider cucumbers is that they have tremendous health benefits for your cat. The health benefits include:

  1. They are very rich in vitamins. Cucumber contains vitamin K which will maintain your cat’s liver by ensuring it stays in a healthy condition. Vitamin K also has the additional benefit of aiding in blood clotting, this comes in handy in case your cat gets injured by preventing excessive bleeding.
  1. Cucumbers also have fiber that can be very useful when it comes to your cat’s digestion. It is very helpful in cases of digestive upsets like constipation and diarrhea.
  1. They contain minerals such as molybdenum, Potassium, magnesium, and copper for the energy production in your cat’s body hence keeping your kitty always jumpy and active.
  1. The fourth most important thing that a cucumber has which is beneficial for your cat is water. Water deals with both dehydration and digestion issues. Feeding your cat cucumbers can as well be considered as the best way to ensure your cat takes in enough water. This technique is quite useful when your kitty love cucumber treats than taking a drink of water.
  1. Lastly, cucumbers are known as low-calorie vegetables. They can be quite useful to cats that have overweight issues. Instead of giving your cats food with more calories try cucumbers so as to watch their weight or try mixing their food with pieces of cucumber as a way to reduce the number of calories in their meal.

If your cat keeps getting intrigued each time you chop some cucumbers in the kitchen, and you are still wondering, “Can cats eat cucumbers” drop a piece or two on your cat’s bowl and find out for yourself. This is the only best way to find out if your cat is interested in the cucumber treats.

Once you realize your cat enjoys some cucumbers, make it a habit of giving it to them once in a while. However, continuous feeding of cucumbers to cats may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea cases due to the excess amount of water in the cucumber.

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Preparation of Cucumbers

It is also advisable to thoroughly wash the cucumber or peel off the skin before giving it to your cat; these will eliminate any pesticides or preservation chemicals that might affect your cat’s health. Also, avoid giving your cat cucumbers that have been preserved either in vinegar or brine. 

Cats may develop signs of food poisoning such as vomiting; they might even end up experiencing seizures or tremors leading to death due to the consumption of cucumbers that have been preserved in extremely salty conditions. Therefore it is believed that giving your cat fresh cucumber is the best prevention from any deadly infection.

Are Cucumbers Safe For Cats?

Yes. And as much as cats can eat cucumbers, there are those cats that will not enjoy the taste of cucumbers or rather any vegetable in their mouth, and they might end up spiting the entire thing on the floor.

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This is not to mean that your cat will lose out on all the health benefits that come with the consumption of cucumbers. It only means you should seek your vet’s advice on the type of meals your cat can eat to have all the nutrients mentioned above that come from the consumption of cucumbers.

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