Can Cats Eat Cinnamon?

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Can cats eat cinnamon? If your cat has ever sneaked around your kitchen, you may be worried if they consumed some foods that they shouldn’t eat. Cinnamon is a baking and cooking spice that your curious kitty might have come into contact with, but can cats eats cinnamon?

While it is technically non-toxic to pets, your cat shouldn’t eat cinnamon. This article discusses cinnamon toxicity and why cats shouldn’t feed on it!


Cinnamon Toxicity

Can cats eat cinnamon? It contains coumarin, a compound that cats can’t break down. Your cat doesn’t have the same liver enzymes as you do. Cats eating a large quantity of cinnamon may be at risk of organ complications, such as liver failure.

Apart from organ failures, your cat is also vulnerable to allergic reactions such as rashes if they inhale or get in contact with this cooking spice. In most cases, you may not think about your kitty because of their coat of fur, but they have sensitive skins that could irritate when exposed to cinnamon.

If you want to bake or cook with this spice, keep it away from your cat or clean your measuring utensils immediately after using cinnamon. This will prevent your cat from getting exposed to cinnamon when you aren’t around.

Benefits of Cinnamon

Can cats eat cinnamon? Although few studies focus on the benefits of this baking spice, the available data on its nutritional composition shows that it can be beneficial to your curious kitty, so long as you give them in small amounts.
To start with, this cooking spice is rich in antioxidants, which can have an impressive impact on your kitty’s health. Antioxidants in this cooking/baking spice can support your four-legged friend’s fight against cancerous cells.

It can also protect them against free radical damages, which cause many diseases, including mental and heart diseases.

This baking/cooking spice can also help create resistance to diabetes in your four-legged friend by improving their insulin sensitivity. This will allow your cat to maintain healthier blood sugar levels. You should contact your vet to discuss the appropriate amount of cinnamon you can add to your cat’s diet.

Apart from providing diabetes resistance and protection against free radical damage, this baking/cooking spice can also help your kitty deal with cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Can Cinnamon Keep Your Cat Away?

Your cat may not like a strong cinnamon smell; therefore, if you want to keep your feline away from your garden, you should consider growing cinnamon trees.

Food for Cats: Did You Know?

Felines are not picky eaters, as one might think. Therefore, we have looked at several different foods and tell you if it’s safe for your cat to eat or not. Like this one: Can Cats Eat Scrambled eggs?

Your cat has a more powerful smell than you do. Your nose contains only five million olfactory receptors, while your four-legged friend’s nose has more than 45 million receptors.

This strong sense of smell in your cat can make the strong smell of cinnamon more irritating for them. Although some kitties may be kept away by the strong aroma of cinnamon, some may find it stimulating.

Most veterinarians don’t recommend growing cinnamon trees in household gardens. This is because having a tree in your garden exposes your feline friend to excessive ingestion of cinnamon that could endanger their health. Your cat could rub their skin against the tree, resulting in cinnamon toxicity in them.

Does Your Cat Like or Hate Cinnamon?

No. Your cat doesn’t like it, and cinnamon, together with other spices or herbs, has a strong smell or aroma that tends to keep away cats. This is the reason why some people use spices as cat detergents. But, the best way to keep cats away is using cat-safe repellant sprays.

Can Your Cat Eat Cinnamon Rolls or Other Foods Cooked Using Cinnamon?

Can cats eat cinnamon? Yes! Your cat can eat food cooked or baked with a small amount of cinnamon. But, make sure the food doesn’t contain other harmful ingredients such as xylitol, chives, onions, cloves, nutmeg, caffeine, raisins, pumpkin pies, grapes, and garlic.

This means that you shouldn’t give your cat cinnamon rolls because they contain raisins that are harmful to cats. Besides, some rolls have macadamia, which isn’t safe for your cat.


What Should You Do When Your Cat Have Ingested or Inhaled Cinnamon?

Can cats eat cinnamon? You don’t have to worry if your cat has ingested a small quantity of cinnamon. It won’t hurt your four-legged friend. However, if your cat has inhaled or ingested large amounts of it, you should check for signs of gastrointestinal or breathing problems and contact your veterinarian.

So, can cats eat cinnamon? No. There is no adequate evidence that shows that cats should eat cinnamon. Besides, it can have negative impacts on your cat’s health. You should contact your vet if your cat eats or inhales cinnamon.

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