Can Cats Eat Cheerios?

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You are about to have the classic breakfast item cheerios when your cat asks for some. Now you are confused because you don’t know, can cats eat cheerios? Are they healthy for cats? Let us tell you, cheerios aren’t toxic for cats, but they are also not a preferred dietary item. Experts recommend going for healthier alternatives instead.

Cheerios aren’t harmful to cats, but they are not beneficial either, as they are devoid of essential nutrients. Keep on reading to find more about the health effects of cheerios on cats.


What happens when a cat eats cheerios?

Can Cats eat cheerios? Well, yes. Cheerios are a timeless breakfast option that everybody loves. This cereal is widely consumed as it is simple, healthy, easy to make, and easy to digest. But is the scenario the same for cats?

Good news for you! Cheerios are not toxic for cats. Eating cheerios will not cause any harm to your cat. This cereal is small in size and dissolves quickly; thus, there is no choking risk. But unfortunately, cheerios don’t have any nutritional benefit for kitties.

Is sugar harmful to cats?

If you want to know, can cats eat cheerios? Then bear in mind that cats can eat cheerios without any problem. But the cats with sugar or gluten sensitivity might react to this cereal. Sometimes adverse reactions can happen, including upset stomach and vomiting.

Cheerios have a sweet, subtle taste that usually comes from artificial and honey sugars. Some of the artificial sugars are harmful to felines. Besides, excessive sugar can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Some of the artificial sugars that you need to look out for in cereals like cheerios are;

  • Aspartame
  • Stevia
  • Erythritol
  • Sucralose
  • Saccharine

Are chocolate cheerios safe for cats?

 When it comes to the question, can cats eat cheerios? The answer is yes. But only for the regular cheerios. Different flavored cheerios can be poisonous to cats like chocolate cheerios.

Chocolate consists of an ingredient called theobromine which is lethal for felines. Chocolate consumed can lead to medical conditions like seizures, irregular heartbeat, tremors, and even death. Thus keep chocolate cheerios away from your little furry friends.

Food for Cats: Did You Know?

Felines are not actually picky eaters as one might think. Therefore, we have looked at several different foods and tell you if it’s safe for your cat to eat or not. Like this one: Can Cats Eat Blackberries?

Are honey nut cheerios safe for cats?

Can cats eat cheerios in honey nut flavor? There aren’t any toxic effects of honey nut cheerios, but we recommend avoiding feeding them to your pet. The commercial items might claim to use honey; they may not be made with actual honey; rather, they use sugar.

Even if the cheerios are prepared with honey, they won’t be organic and full of chemicals and artificial sugars. The sweetness makes cheerios super tasty, but this is also the reason you should avoid feeding them to the felines. Sugar is bad for cats, as mentioned above.

Are dry cheerios safe for cats?

Can cats eat cheerios that are in dried form? Yes, cats can eat dried cheerios but do not exceed the moderate amount. You cannot give dried cheerios with milk as cats are lactose intolerant; thus, feeding only dried cheerios can lead to stomach cramps and vomiting.

It’s good that you try to skip the milk, but it will be better if you can skip cheerios altogether because it is not healthy for cats. The main components of dried cheerios are carbohydrates which cats do not require.

Humans need carbs as an energy source, but it can be problematic for cats because they lack the enzymes needed to break down carbs. Thus avoid feeding dry cheerios because there will be a few benefits and lots of disadvantages for the cat’s health.

What amount of cheerios is safe for cats?

You need not be concerned about the safe feeding amount because cheerios you should not feed cheerios to your cat in the first place. But if your cat consumed it accidentally, then a modest amount won’t hurt your pet.

One time snacking on a few cheerios is okay for cats. When the cat starts consuming cheerios for an extended time, you should be concerned.

What is the alternative to cheerios?

Cheerios aren’t harmful but not healthy either for felines. Thus, we recommend you resort to healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables as snacks.

If you search for a quick, nutritious treat, fish or sliced meat without bones is your solution. You can also offer cheese but in a small amount because of lactose intolerance.


Final thoughts

Can Cats Eat Cheerios? Yes, they can. Eating cheerios won’t hurt your cat, but experts recommend avoiding feeding cheerios, particularly chocolate flavored.

Cheerios are rich in artificial sugar that can lead to obesity and diabetes. Resort to healthier alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and meat to keep the cat happy and healthy.

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