Can Cats Eat Catnip Leaves?

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Can cats eat catnip leaves? Catnip is a herb belonging to the mint family, generating a strong scent. Humans use catnip leaves to make tea, and its flowers help relieve cough. Cats are usually attracted to the strong smell of this herb, but the question that keeps on hitting your mind is can cats eat catnip leaves?

Generally, cats do not rely on a plant-based diet for survival, and they fulfill their nutritional requirements by devouring the meat and its related products.

Catnip leaves do not provide any dietary benefits to your cat but can cause behavioral changes; first, you need to know whether catnip leaves are safe for your cat?

Can cats eat catnip leaves? Yes, cats can consume catnip leaves as they positively affect your kitty’s health. They are likely to make your cat happy, and your cat will show signs of relaxation.

Some cats exhibit playful behavior. Let us discuss feeding catnip leaves’ positive impact on your furry fellow.


Health benefits of feeding catnip leaves?

Can cats eat catnip leaves? What are the health benefits of feeding catnip leaves to cats? It is a constant effort to find a suitable diet for your feline friend, but it is necessary to balance its dietary needs and behavioral changes connected to its diet.

However, we think every diet provides nutritional benefits to your feline friend. Still, sometimes the diet positively impacts your cat’s behavior and mood, which is also crucial.

For instance, catnip leaves strongly affect your cat’s brain due to a compound known as nepetalactone. It acts as a mood enhancer, and your cat starts manifesting affectionate behavior.

It starts jumping and acting playfully. These signs are similar to what cat usually shows during heat because they become active even after smelling catnip leaves.

Catnip leaves may not provide nutrients to your furry friend, but they help keep your cat calm and relaxed. They also assist in reducing the stress levels of your cat and minimizing pain.

Therefore, your cat feels happy and healthy due to the ingestion or smell of catnip leaves. But the critical factor in this regard is that your cat is showing likeness for catnip leaves, or else it may prove adverse for your kitty.

Catnip leaves are also helpful in minimizing skin irritation in your cat. Furthermore, catnip acts as a sedative, and your feline buddy enjoys a peaceful sleep after ingesting this particular herb.

Catnip leaves sprinkled in the form of spray effectively repel mosquitoes away from your cat’s body due to their sharp smell.

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Risks of feeding catnip leaves to your cat?

Can cats eat catnip leaves? What are the risks of feeding catnip leaves to your cat? As we know that catnip leaves are not toxic to your furry friend, we can safely administer them to your furry companion.

But they do not provide dietary benefits to your kitty and can only be used as a relaxing agent. So, it is better to feed catnip leaves in a low amount to avoid unwanted health complications.

Overfeeding of catnip leaves may produce gastrointestinal distress in your furry friend. It may not be lethal, but it affects your cat’s appetite. Your cat refuses to eat its regular diet and becomes void of certain nutrients vital to its growth and its organ’s health.

Also, some cats exhibit overaggressive behavior, which is dangerous for their health. Researchers recommend immediately stopping feeding catnip leaves to your feline friend and providing a natural diet to your cat.

How many catnip leaves can you feed to your cat?

Can cats eat catnip leaves? How many catnip leaves can you feed your cat? The best practice of feeding catnip leaves to your furry fellow is introducing this herb gradually.

It will help if you look for behavioral changes in your cat. You can increase the feeding frequency if your kitty is happy to ingest catnip leaves.

Generally, you can feed catnip leaves two or three times a week to your cat. But make sure that your furry companion is not compromising on eating its regular diet.


Are catnip leaves bad for cats to eat?

Catnip leaves are entirely non-toxic and do not threaten your kitty’s health. They give a calming effect to your cat and also reduce pain. Although they make your cat happy and active, their overfeeding can lead to digestive distress.

Are catnip leaves safe for cats?

Can cats eat catnip leaves? Yes, they are a healthy source of a compound that induces behavioral changes such as happiness and calmness in your furry fellow. They act as mood enhancers keeping your cat active and relieving it of pain.

Conclusion – Can cats eat catnip leaves?

So, can cats eat catnip leaves? Yes, these leaves bring about critical and positive changes to your cat’s behavior and make them feel happy and calm.

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