Can Cats Eat Cabbage?

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Can cats eat cabbage? Cabbage is one of the cruciferous vegetables full of vitamins and minerals served as a salad or in cooked form.

It delivers important nutrients to human beings, but what about serving this vegetable to your furry friend? How will your cat react? So, the question that pet owners want to know is, can cats eat cabbage?

As cats are obligate carnivores, their diet includes protein as the primary component, and their bodily functions rely heavily on their daily protein intake.

Cabbage is a nutritious vegetable that provides sufficient energy through beneficial nutrients, but the plant-based diet may hurt your kitty. So, is cabbage safe for your cat?

Can cats eat cabbage? Yes, it provides certain nutrients to your feline fellow that may improve its health and strengthen its muscular body.

But vegetables are not a regular part of its diet, so moderation is the key while feeding cabbage. Also, overfeeding can cause digestive problems in your cat.


Health benefits of feeding cabbage?

Can cats eat cabbage? What are the health benefits of feeding cabbage? Some pet owners stick to their cat’s routine diet, while some enthusiastic pet lovers favor providing other natural meals that can be helpful to your cat’s growth.

The regular cat diet includes meat, but some vegetables and fruits can be added occasionally. Cabbage is a vegetable that can be a healthy choice for your kitty due to its nutrient profile if served in a small quantity.

The antioxidants in cabbage reduce inflammation in your cat’s body. It contains kaempferols which are powerful antioxidants that perform certain anti-inflammatory activities.

They eliminate free radicals from the body that cause oxidative reactions and produce several diseases. These antioxidants protect your cat from chronic ailments such as joint immobility, cancer, and cardiac arrest.

Cabbage contains a strong compound known as anthocyanin, enhancing heart performance and reducing the risk of cardiac arrest.

Also, it helps regulate blood pressure and keep it at an optimum level, so the cardiovascular system remains robust and active. Dietary potassium is also prevalent in cabbage and assists in controlling blood pressure.

Fiber is a key component of cabbage that aids your furry fellow in digestion and maintains gut health. It also regulates bowel movement, inhibiting constipation and diarrhea. Fiber is essential in controlling your cat’s cholesterol level, thus improving your cat’s overall health.

Vitamin B6 and folate are other vital nutrients that boost your cat’s immune and nervous system. Vitamin C is crucial in promoting the functioning of muscles and bones.

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Risks of feeding cabbage to your cat?

Can cats eat cabbage? What are the risks of feeding cabbage to your cat? Although cabbage is a safe vegetable for your furry friend, it is a plant-based food item and can cause problems for your cat.

 Cats are biologically different from humans and may not get the same advantage from eating cabbage as humans. So, there are risks associated with serving cabbage to your kitty, so it is better to feed a moderate quantity.

Too much consumption of cabbage may lead to gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, and loss of appetite. It also results in your cat’s refusal to eat its regular diet, thus producing nutrient deficiency as cabbage does not contain every nutrient required by your cat.

Also, cabbage contains a compound known as thiocyanate that may hurt your kitty as it negatively affects the functioning of the thyroid gland. Your cat experiences muscle weakness, reduced growth, and increased body weight.

How much cabbage can your cat eat?

If you want to know the feeding quantity of cabbage to your feline buddy, first, you should introduce a limited portion of cabbage. If your cat does not experience unwanted health issues, your kitty’s digestive system is efficiently processing cabbage.

So, you can feed cabbage as a treat or in a small amount once a week. But if your cat gets unwell, stop serving it to your furry fellow immediately. Also, preparing a balanced diet consisting of different food items is more helpful in fulfilling the nutrient requirement.


Is cabbage bad for cats to eat?

It is a safe diet until it is fed in a limited quantity as it provides crucial nutrients that support your cat’s body systems and improves its overall health. However, it may affect your cat’s thyroid gland if eaten in a large quantity due to the presence of thiocyanate.

Is cabbage safe for cats to eat?

Can cats eat cabbage? Yes, providing healthy nutrients makes it a suitable diet for your furry companion. But as it is a plant-based diet, it may adversely affect your cat if eaten excessively.

Conclusion – Can cats eat cabbage?

So, can cats eat cabbage? It contains beneficial nutrients that improve your cat’s health and growth. However, being a vegetable, its moderate quantity should be provided.

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