Can Cats Eat Blueberries?

Can Cats Eat Blueberries
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Can cats eat blueberries? Most cat owners ask and research this question a lot. The answer to this question is yes and no at the same time. Cats are carnivorous and are not a fan of eating fruits and vegetables like humans because they do not experience the sweet taste of fruits.

Are Blueberries Harmful To Cats?

Cats can eat blueberries but in small quantities. A cat owner is advised to consult a veterinary doctor to guide you on the number of blueberries to give your cat. Here are some of the reasons cats should eat blueberries.

  1. They contain fiber

Blueberries are good for cats because they have fiber. Fiber is essential for a cat’s health because it controls digestion. Cats also need fiber to balance their blood sugar levels, not so high or so low. Fibre also reduces the risk of diabetes in cats.

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  1. Blueberries have water content

Like human beings, cats need water in their bodies. Blueberries contain lots of water, and when cats eat them, they become hydrated. Water helps the cats cool the body down and maintains the average body temperature.

  1. Blueberries contain antioxidants

Blueberries have antioxidants that improve the cat’s health by minimizing damage to cells, including the immune system cells. This keeps the cats’ immune system in check and helps it fight against sickness that might occur.

Negative Aspects Of Feeding Blueberries To Your Cat

As much as blueberries have some nutritional benefits for cats, they also cause some side effects. Here is why cats should not eat lots of blueberries: Blueberries contain sugar.

Blueberries contain lots of sugar. When cats take lots of blueberries, they can cause blood sugar imbalance and diabetes.

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Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats and how to Treat Diabetes in Cats

Blueberries can cause diabetes in cats if taken in large quantities. Below are signs and symptoms that your cat is suffering from diabetes.

1. Increased Urination

A cat experiencing increased urination might be suffering from diabetes. The cat owner should be more observant to notice this. It would be best to take the cat to the veterinary doctor for proper diagnosis.

2. Excessive thirst

Due to the increased urination, the cat will be thirsty most of the time. The cat owner will notice that the cat will rush to the water bowl more frequently. You are advised to visit a vet to have a check on the cat and do some tests.

3. Increased or lack of appetite

Cats can experience loss of appetite or increased appetite due to diabetes. The cat owner or the caregiver will notice this very easily. It is advised that you rush the cat to a vet to run tests and check what could be wrong with the cat.

4. Vomiting

Cats experience vomiting due to a lot of factors and health issues. One of these issues could be diabetes. Once the cat owner notices that their cat frequently vomits, they should see a veterinary doctor for a proper diagnosis.

5. Weight loss.

Cats that are suffering from diabetes will lose a lot of weight unexpectedly. The weight loss is caused by a lack of appetite and frequent vomiting.

Here are some of the steps taken to diagnose and treat diabetes in cats.

  1.  The Veterinary doctor can conduct a complete physical exam and do some blood tests to confirm if the cat has diabetes.
  2.  Your cat should remain back at the clinic for more observation until it is well.
  3. If the cat is released to go back home, the owner will be given medicine to administer to the cat until it feels better.
  4. Once back home, the owner is expected to give the cat lots of water to cool it down and regulate blood sugar.
  5. The cat owner or the caregiver is supposed to observe the cat closely, and in case it does not show any improvements, they are to take the cat back to the veterinary doctor.
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You are advised to make sure that your cat always eats a balanced diet to be healthy. You should also avoid foods, fruits, and vegetables that contain lots of sugar to prevent the cat from being diabetic.

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