Can Cats Eat Blackberries?

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Can cats eat blackberries? Your cat is a carnivore that relies on a meaty diet, but some felines love to eat fruits and vegetables, including blackberries. But have you ever wondered, can cats eat blackberries? Well, yes, eating blackberries won’t hurt your pet.

Cats are extremely fussy eaters. Often, they will love eating things that you won’t expect, such as blackberries. And fortunately, this fruit is safe for cats with lots of nutrition. Thus you don’t need to worry about finding your kitty nibbling on these berries.

Interested to know more about the health effects of blackberries on cats? Keep reading till the end to get some useful information.


Are blackberries safe for cats?

If you want to know can cats eat blackberries? Then let us tell you blackberries are safe for cats with no toxic elements in them. Your cat will be fine after eating blackberries, except that the cat scarves down many that lead to stomach disruption.

Though cats’ feeding instincts are not wired to eat these fruits, you can still introduce them to a cat’s diet. They are not exclusive carnivores; rather, they do fine munching on vegetarian diet options.

Introducing blueberries to domesticated cats is easier as they are already familiar with fruits and vegetables.

What are the benefits of blackberries for cats?

You want to feed your cat blackberries, but this thought hits your mind, can cats eat blackberries? Now you are in a dilemma whether to feed berries to your pet or not. Then here is the answer for you. Blackberries have lots of health benefits for cats.

Help to maintain weight

Some cat owners might think that, can cats eat blackberries when they are overweight? The answer is yes. The fat content of blueberries is significantly lower; thus, adding this fruit to your cat’s diet won’t harm your pet.

You can feed blackberries to your kitty without worrying about calorie-related health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Boosts immune system

Blackberries are powerful immunity boosters as they are rich in essential minerals like iron, potassium, and different important vitamins like B, K, C, A, and E.

These nutrients work together to boost a cat’s immune system. Moreover, cats will be less susceptible to infections. The antioxidants found in berries help to ward off cancer in felines.

High fiber content

Blackberries are rich in fibers that help in reducing blood cholesterol levels and regulate normal blood glucose levels. A high quantity of fiber in the diet helps make cats feel fuller for a longer time, thus helping to reduce weight.

Food for Cats: Did You Know?

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What are the risks of blackberries for cats?

After reading the benefits, you must think, can cats often eat blackberries? Well, the answer is no. This is because cats are obligate carnivores. Their primary diet is meat, while options like blackberries must be given as treats sometimes.

Ineffective digestion

The digestive system of cats is not used to processing foreign food substances like blackberries, leading to stomach problems like abdominal pain, indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Chemical intoxication

Blackberries are naturally resilient fruit. The problem happens when they are grown under extreme exposure to pesticides. This can lead to chemical remnants in the fruits that can cause chemical intoxication and increase cancer risk if ingested.

How many blackberries are good for cats?

Feeding blackberries in small quantities does not pose any serious health problems for felines. Fruits and treats should make up only a 2% portion of the cat’s diet, making it a 1-inch portion each day.

So try not to exceed this quantity while feeding blackberries. Some cats might want to eat blackberries due to their curious nature, but this does not mean you can feed berries freely to them.

What if my cat doesn’t like blackberries?

Not every cat is interested in eating blackberries. If yours is one of them, don’t force it to eat; instead, replace berries with other options like animal proteins.

This is because a berry or two won’t contribute to their health anyway. On the other hand, let the cat do so if it wants to eat berries. Usually, cats find berries interesting and enjoy nibbling on these fruits. No matter what the case is, it should not cause you concern.


Final thoughts – Can cats eat blackberries?

Felines are unpredictable regarding their eating habits, particularly regarding fruits and vegetables. Cat owners often think, can cats eat blackberries?

Well, yes, they can but in a small amount. Berries do not replace the nutrition of commercial food, but they can make a good treat if your cats love them.

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