Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky?

Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky
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One might not ask whether cats eat beef jerky because it is made of meat, and cats are carnivores. Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky? No, they should not eat it. According to experts, there are various ingredients in beef jerky that make it a hazardous food for your cat. Giving your cat beef jerky in a small amount on an occasional basis might not cause any issue.

But giving beef jerky to your cat regularly is problematic for their health. Read along to understand can cats eat beef jerky? What are the poisonous ingredients in this food? Why you should avoid giving beef jerky to your fluff ball.

Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky? Is It Safe for them?

Cats can eat beef jerky, which is safe for them in smaller quantities. But that doesn’t mean you should give this harmful food to your cat daily. Some spices and ingredients are highly safe for human consumption but are poisonous for cats.

The use of jerky regularly will make your cat suffer from digestive problems, kidney issues, and anemia.

Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky

So next time you think of giving beef jerky to your cat, you must understand the damage you will cause to their health. This food will affect the quality of life of your cat. In most cases, the chronic disease caused by the harmful ingredient reduces the life expectancy of cats more by 4 to 5 years.

Do Cats Love Beef Jerky?

Cats are carnivores, and they love meat the most. When they smell beef jerky, they will rush to you for a piece or two. But their digestive system is different from humans, and they cannot process all the ingredients in the jerky. Their love for beef jerky shouldn’t motivate you to give them this potentially hazardous food.

How Much Beef Jerky Is Safe For My Cat?

Store-bought beef jerky and mostly homemade jerky are loaded with spices and herbs. Except for meat, everything you add in the beef jerky-making process is hazardous or poisonous for your cat.

Only 100 mg of beef jerky on an occasional basis can be considered safe if your cat is not having any pre-existing condition. But why bother with the risk; you should avoid giving this food to your cat at all to help them enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Did you Know?

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5 Reasons To Avoid Giving Beef Jerky To Your Cat

If you give your cat a tiny piece of jerky, there might not be an issue. But giving them a substantial amount frequently could lead to various health issues. This is because of the presence of flowing ingredients: 

1.      Tough Texture Of Beef Jerky Can Affect Their Dental Health

Beef Jerky is a bit rough and tough in texture. If your cat suffers from dental issues like tooth decay or swollen gums, the rough meat will make them chew and pull the hard meat with force. Using force will increase the pain and could even result in a broken tooth if much damage has already been caused to the tooth.

2.      Salt In The Beef Jerky Is Toxic To Your Cat

Salt is harmful to your cat in various ways. If the cat consumes too much salt, she will suffer from dehydration, lethargy, and anemia. Most of the time, beef jerky is loaded with salt, which is a potential danger for your cat’s digestive system and health. 

3.      Preservatives Are Bad For The Health Of Your Cat

Sodium nitrate is responsible for the death of cats, and it is a common preservative in various foods. When buying beef jerky or any food that needs to be preserved, always confirm that it doesn’t contain this menace. You must remember that all the preservatives safe for humans are not safe for pets.

4.      Sugar Can Lead To Weight Gain And Lethargy

Your cat needs protein and healthy fat that they get from animal products. But when you offer them beef jerky, you give them food loaded with sugar. Their digestive system cannot cope with a high dose of sugar, and the cat will suffer from lethargy and weight gain.

5.      Flavourings Like Garlic And Onion Is A Serious Threat To Cat’s Life

Most of the store-bought beef jerky is loaded with flavors. The common and most loved flavors are onion and garlic. These two things are bad for the cat in various ways. According to pet poison control, onions and garlic both are poisonous, even in a smaller amount.

Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky

Can Cats Eat Homemade Beef Jerky?

Cats can eat homemade beef jerky if it is free from all the hazardous ingredients for your cat. The best approach to cook special jerky for your cat is to keep the meat bit soft and easy to chew. Even if your cat enjoys good dental health, the hard textured jerky will be troublesome.

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